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The application of thermal compensator, in the hot oil thermal injection well, the existence of thermal stress makes the service life of the casing greatly shortened. It can be said that it is a big problem in the current thermal mining construction, and the hard compensation of thermal stress means safety. The hidden dangers are difficult to eliminate, which is absolutely not allowed in the safety first project. According to the research and theoretical calculation of casing damage mechanism and a large number of physical experiments, it is concluded that the excessive axial thermal stress generated during thermal recovery is one of the main reasons for casing damage. This paper has fully investigated the thermal stress compensator at home and abroad. The status quo of R&D, analysis of its advantages and disadvantages, optimization design according to the characteristics of the process. The tool introduced in this paper is based on the new design and development of the thermal ring-type thermal stress compensator. The thermal stress compensation structure of the tool can effectively solve the heat generated by the tubing, casing and the tree when heated. The stress effectively extends the service life of the casing string and thus can alleviate this engineering problem.

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Based on the investigation of a large amount of data at home and abroad, this paper synthesizes the existing theory at home and abroad and the specific conditions in cementing construction, and uses the data close to the site as a reference. The design also refers to the heavy oil hot well Well operation procedures, as well as mechanical design standards, analyze, draw, and simulate the components in the device one by one, and repeatedly calculate and check through the finite element analysis software, and finally form an ideal design idea, and draw the parts of the device. Figure and overall assembly drawing. The designed thermal stress compensator is targeted, easy to operate and reliable, and should be well suited for heavy oil hot and hot injection.

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In heavy oil wells, when the corrugated compensator is used for the injection of hot steam, the high temperature has a very adverse effect on the service life, and the threaded joint is a very weak link on the casing. Because the casing is subjected to high temperature load, axial load, radial load and mutual restraint between the threads during steam stimulation, the casing will not be able to expand and contract freely due to thermal expansion. The compensator mainly relies on the contact pressure of the thread. To achieve the connection. During the steam injection process, the contact pressure between the threads changes due to temperature changes. When the steam pressure or fluid pressure in the wellbore is lower than the contact pressure between the threads, the tightness of the casing joint cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, when the temperature of the wellbore decreases, a certain residual stress will be generated on the threaded joint. As the steam injection cycle increases, the residual stress will gradually increase until the threaded joint is broken. Therefore, a retractable thermal stress compensation structure should be designed to avoid the collapse of the casing. At present, there are many kinds of thermal stress compensators developed at home and abroad. The most important ones are corrugated, pin shearing, lock claw, and the latest thermal materials. According to the application, the thermal thermal stress compensator has Better functionality and stability. However, the conventional thermal thermal stress compensator is complicated in structure, and the mechanical action of the thermal stress compensation function is excessive, so that the application effect is greatly reduced.

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