Hardcover room should be how to accept can not know hardcover room acceptance knowledge

For the renovation of rookie, after undergoing renovation, how to inspect the house is also a link that makes them feel very headache. So today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a good talk about how to accept and accept hardcover rooms . Friends in need may wish to learn together, allowing you to take some detours.

1, check the electrical engineering

Regardless of how the hardcover room should be accepted, the most critical part of the entire home environment is undoubtedly the electrical link. If this part is not installed securely and accurately, subsequent problems will not only affect the appearance but will bring huge security risks to the occupants. Therefore, to remind everyone in the acceptance, we must carefully check each of the electricity-related areas, specifically, like all types of electrical equipment related devices, power outlets, leakage switches have been flat, accurate, firmly installed in place, able to While satisfying the basic needs of life, we must put safety first.

2. Test the performance of water supply and drainage pipes

As we all know, water and electricity are almost equally important to a family. Therefore, after the acceptance of the electrical engineering study, it is naturally necessary to perform functional tests on water supply and drainage equipment. In fact, the main need to inspect, is nothing more than through the pressure of water to see if the switch will be too tight astringent, whether the valve is installed properly, the pipeline will not leak at the junction and so on.

3, paste project is standardized

To study how hardcover rooms should be accepted, nature will inevitably lead to the inspection of the walls of the entire home space. In this section, it is necessary to pay special attention to whether the paste of the wallpaper and the paste construction comply with the specifications. If we did not carefully supervise the construction or acceptance during the previous period, we would not find the unpleasant wrinkles, bubbling, cracking, etc. on the walls until after a certain period of time. It is very difficult for the decoration company to agree to refinishing it for free, so this is very difficult. While reminding everyone, we must carefully check whether the wall cloth or wallpaper paste is firm and whether the color is uniform and smooth.

4. Inspecting the ceiling device

In addition to the above major points, the investigation of ceiling installations is also one of the answers to the question of how hardcover rooms should be accepted. Due to the different styles of homeowners' ceilings that are favored by different owners, the installation process and material specifications involved are quite different. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the joints between the keel and the cover panel during acceptance. If it is tight, it will not be delaminated and so on.

Xiao Bian concludes: Well, the above is the introduction of this article for everyone on hardcover housing should be how to accept the relevant introduction, I hope everyone after reading, for housing acceptance can have a more clear direction, with a cautious and serious attitude Inspection homes must be able to get their ideal living space.

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