Fire extinguisher classification and usage precautions

Fire extinguisher classification There are many kinds of fire extinguishers, which can be divided into portable type and cart type according to their moving modes. According to the driving source of fire extinguishing agent, they can be divided into: gas cylinder type, pressure storage type, chemic

Mineral exploration market declines for the first time

Lu Yu, executive deputy director of the Department of Geological Exploration of the Ministry of Land and Resources, stated at the 2013 China International Mining Conference that due to the macroeconomic impact, the 2013 domestic mineral exploration market experienced the first decline in 1

How to choose aluminum buckle board

[China Aluminum Industry Network] specifications of aluminum buckle: on the market 600mm × 600mm micro-hole square plate, F297H30 and M185H20 aluminum buckle plate are applied more extensive aluminum buckle type: aluminum buckle plate is divided into surface punch Holes and planes are two. The

Development and utilization of hydropower needs to gras…

Zhang Boting, deputy secretary-general of the China Hydropower Engineering Society, believes that the balance between hydropower planning, environmental protection, and resettlement needs to be balanced. At present, China's economy continues to grow rapidly and electricity demand is strong.

Manufacturing Technology of Steel Tower Closing Section…

【Abstract】The closed section of the steel tower of Taizhou Changjiang Highway Bridge is on the curve transition section. It has a multi-directional connection relationship. It is difficult to control the size, flatness and connection accuracy of each interface. By adopting advanced and

Chinese iron ore has too high foreign dependence

In 2012, the dependence on foreign iron ore in China was close to 70%. With the decline in iron ore production and taste in China, the degree of dependence on iron ore may increase further. Wang Yingsheng indicated at the “2013 China International Mining Conference” that in th

Roller press online welding repair technology

Roller repair technology The squeezing roller on the roller press is a key component in the production line. The wear layer on the surface of the squeezing roller is usually only 10mm thick. The exposed metal after the wear layer is worn away will be worn away in a very short time. The roll is dee