Influence on the dynamic characteristics of the valve m…

The compressibility of the oil in the HLA high pressure oil chamber reduces the total stiffness of the valve train and reduces the critical speed at which the flyoff begins to occur. When flying off, if the HLA reaction is fast enough, the high pressure chamber will increase, not only eliminating t

New technology is expected to break through the photoel…

As the industry continues to develop, some new technologies are emerging in the photovoltaic field. Recently, SolarWorld announced that it will invest 10 million US dollars in 2015 to expand its photovoltaic cell and module production capacity at the Hillsboro plant in Oregon

Wallpaper maintenance knowledge

● Paving before wallpaper, wall cloth should be selected relative humidity of 85% or less, the temperature should not have drastic changes, we must avoid in the wet season and in the wet wall construction. For the wallpaper to be beautiful and durable, and not easy to foam, the trea

Slide valve vacuum pump working principle and structure

Sliding valve vacuum pumps, which function to remove specific gases or contain small amounts of condensable vapors, are nowadays widely used in vacuum smelting, vacuum drying, vacuum impregnation and other vacuum operations. Sliding valve vacuum pump principle is to use the slide valve body to chan

Aeration head aeration principle

Aeration is a means of intensively contacting air with water. Its purpose is to dissolve the oxygen in the air in water, or to exhale unwanted gases and volatile substances in the water. In Other words, it is a means to promote the exchange of substances between gas and liquid. It also has other imp

Rotary vane vacuum pump type and model Daquan

Rotary vane vacuum pump is mainly used to remove the gas in the system to reach the vacuum in the vacuum pump. It's a wide range of models have their own characteristics. In theory, the condensable gas is not allowed to be removed, and the gas containing dust is not removed. Generally, differen

How stainless steel screws prevent rust

In daily life, stainless steel screws are common fasteners. In the course of use, rust is a common phenomenon and it is also an annoyance to us. This will not only affect the aesthetic level, but also affect the performance of stainless steel screws. . Therefore, we must pay attention to