65 seconds, 3000 people, $6 billion - A century-old review: The San Francisco earthquake

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San Francisco Earthquake

1906 today (April 18) 5:12, where a large earthquake measuring 8.3 struck San Francisco - earth tremors, high-rise buildings collapsed, 65 seconds, near the ruins of San Francisco. Even more frightening is that under the strong earthquake, the underground gas pipeline in San Francisco was broken, and a large amount of natural gas flowed out. As the fire caused by the big earthquake spread rapidly, it burned for three days and nights in 10 square kilometers, and everything Burn, no more biological.

Post-disaster statistics show that the energy released by the San Francisco earthquake was equivalent to the energy of 15 million tons of explosives, 28,000 houses were destroyed by earthquakes and fires, the death toll was about 2,500 , and the loss was about 6 billion US dollars. At the same time, 22 . 50,000 people were displaced due to the loss of their homes.

Now we have seen in San Francisco, high-rise buildings towering, cityscape scene brighter, could have imagined the tall ruins of the city under the big earthquake - the more than 220,000 people homeless, displaced more than 100,000 people to flee After the Great Earthquake ... After the major earthquake, crimes such as robbery and rape were successively staged in the ruins, and the city's order was gone.

Today's San Francisco

San Francisco after the Great Earthquake

Centennial Review

In the 1906 earthquake, the San Andres large fault was discovered for the first time. This fault passes through California and extends to Alaska for 440 kilometers. The earthquake in California almost all occurred on and around the fault.

After a hundred years. The biggest nightmare in San Francisco is still lingering, and they are afraid of a major earthquake once again coming to San Francisco. In 2006 , to commemorate the great earthquake for a hundred years, people from all walks of life in San Francisco held a series of commemorative activities: from the 1906 Great Earthquake Fire Exhibition to the Firefighters' Dance Ball and the San Francisco City Exhibition after the Great Hall of the People, the Chinese History. The Society’s “Hua Xie Afterlife Exhibition” and other exhibitions show the changes of San Francisco in the last century. It also reminds people that many cities in the San Francisco Bay Area are still in high-earthquakes in the earthquake. The major earthquakes may still be at any time. Hit.

To this end, the United States and individuals have spent about $ 30 billion to “process” the seismic strengthening of San Francisco's homes and infrastructure. In addition, the US Department of Transportation has invested US$ 3.5 billion in the renovation and reconstruction of road and bridge facilities in the area.

The rise of earthquake science

The 1906 San Francisco earthquake spurred the rise of earthquake science in the United States and had a profound impact on global earthquake prediction, earthquake prevention, and disaster reduction.

At the time, there were only 96 seismometers in the world . Five of them were located in the city of San Francisco and in the surrounding areas of the city. However, the intensity of the ground motion caused by the fault rupture has exceeded the measurement range of the instrument. Stanford University seismologist George · C · Bei Luozha (. Gregory C Beroza) said:

For scientists of the year and today, the most valuable seismic data comes from seismic detection instruments in Japan, Puerto Rico, and Europe.

In the 2006 San Francisco earthquake centenary, the US Geological Survey scientists launch of two valuable map by crystallization studies of digital map technology Geological whole. In order to help government officials, emergency rescue workers, and city maintainers, we can clearly estimate the risks that the earthquake may bring.


Centuries ago, San Francisco rebuilt from the rubble has long been the financial center of the United States. However, no one will know when the big earthquake will happen again. What the San Francisco people can do is “strengthen” the entire city and strengthen the various preparations before the big earthquake to meet the possibility that the future may come “on schedule”. earthquake.

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