Blank room simple decoration price how much rough house decoration considerations

If you buy a new house, the decoration budget is insufficient, many people will choose to simply revamp it, then the price of simple decoration of rough room how much ? In the rough room decoration, what should pay attention to the place? Next Xiaobian give We briefly introduce the price of simple decoration of rough houses and their precautions.

First, the number of simple decoration housing prices

If you just do some basic decoration, the price is about 400 yuan / square meter.

1. The primary treatment of the wall includes the three steps of clearing the wall, repairing the wall and scraping the putty. The price is about 15-20 yuan/square meter. If you need to do wall lining and painting high-grade paint, the price is about 30 yuan / square or so, if the owner only uses 821 putty plus ordinary paint, then its price is about 18 yuan / square or so.

2, if the use of cement slurry ground leveling, if the contractor's price is about 45 yuan / square meter or so, if you choose not to work, the price is about 25 yuan / square meter. If we lay ordinary vitrified tiles on the ground, the price is about RMB 100/sq., which includes the cost of using paving tiles. If we choose to lay laminate flooring, the price is about 85 yuan/square meter.

3, kitchen and toilet need to install the ceiling, if we choose to install the aluminum buckle board price is about 85/square meter, the side strip is about 10 yuan/meter. The price of the tile and floor tile is about RMB 75/sqm. The kitchen and toilet also need to be waterproof. The price of waterproofing is about RMB 65/sqm. The bathroom equipment costs about 2500 yuan/set.

4, hydropower project is about 50 yuan / square meter, Mrs. Qiao racks is about 230 yuan / sets, the price of the mid-range threshold is about 140-180 yuan / square meter.

Second, rough house decoration matters needing attention

1. Wall modification

When we conduct renovation of the rough house, if we need to make changes to the wall, we need to put it on the first item of the renovation, and we must pay attention to the wall that can not be demolished and the wall that can not be demolished.

2, waterproof

When we carry out waterproofing, we can first check whether the original house is waterproof or not, and proceed according to the actual situation.

3, hydropower

The concealment project is very important. During the renovation, we must choose good quality decoration materials. Before the hydropower reform, we need to look at the voltage and water pressure of the house. The best number of outlets should be reserved.

4, decoration environment

When we are doing house renovations, especially painting, we must maintain the circulation of indoor air, as dust and other harmful objects will be produced during the renovation.

Xiao Bian summary: How much simple decoration prices on the rough house and its attention to small items on the simple introduction to here, I hope that after reading this article, to give you reference and help.

The rough room simple decoration price how much

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