After hanging the small furniture on the wall, the 22m2 apartment opened up instantly.

F Jun Design Notes 131â–¼

In the old building named Shakers Studio, Gustave Eiffel, who once lived in the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, and the famous French geographer and anarchist Elisée Reclus. It lives in the heart of the "Bright City" rich people gathered, Shakers Studio's transformation story is a map of the tenacious living conditions of the Parisian middle class in the city's central community.

In interior design, we often arrange cables in the wall as much as possible for aesthetics, safety, and other factors. But today, Mr. F. wants to tell everyone about this Shakers Studio apartment in the community of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, on the banks of the Seine in Paris. In its renovation, the designer pulled out all the cables and put them on the side of the wall. Full of space!

â–² Shakers Studio living space

When it comes to why such a bold design, it must be attributed to this ancient building itself. After 350 years of use and renovation, the apartment has no flat walls or even two parallel walls. Therefore, the designer had to find a suitable material to match the unusually strange indoor environment.

â–² living apartment

Copper tube use

And this material is copper .

As a standard industrial material, copper pipes and accessories are very easy to use and easy to use. Copper is the most temperate metal material in terms of hue and conductivity. What is more different is that with the passage of time, the surface of copper is slowly changing.

â–² Cables are laid in copper pipes and run through every corner of the apartment

The designer deliberately asked the construction staff not to wear gloves when installing copper pipes. When the project is completed, the black finger prints of the construction staff will remain in the whole body of the copper pipe.

Copper pipes exhibit different surface effects with different external influences, such as dark spots that have been pressed by construction personnel's fingers, bright textures left by friction after being hooked, and patina spots in wet environments such as kitchens. Along with the traces of life, these spots quickly became what Junichiro Tanizaki described.

â–² Copper pipes show different surfaces over time

â–² brass details

Source of inspiration

King F found that the small furniture in the small apartment was hung on the copper pipe, except for the copper pipes throughout the space.

According to the designer said, with room to build a pipeline suspension system derived from the idea of opposing branch shakers Quaker.

Due to the church’s strict demand for celibacy, the teaching has disappeared. Under the restrictions of this script, their rooms must comply with strict space ratios. Three wall support lines spread out along the space wall so that the walls are protected from damage caused by the furniture.

The highest wall line is set at a height of 1.98 meters above the wall. Mirrors, candlesticks, cabinets, chairs, tools, and other items are all suspended on this ridge line. Through wall hangings, visitors can clearly identify the function of the space, such as hanging chairs in the dining room, coat hanging in the bedroom entrance, tools hanging in the studio and so on.

â–² Inspired by the shocked rooms

The research on the shockers has saved the designer a lot of time and experience, and helped shape the final design concept.

The designer did not completely copy this space system and extracted only the essential parts. He focused more on researching his own designed space suspension system and tried his best to keep the brass system out of direct contact with the wall. The copper tube is spaced 3 mm from the wall, showing more space flexibility for future users.

The overall concept of space is pre-designed, but the laying of the pipeline is planned in a little bit of the scene. The original intention of this design is to allow designers to deal with this space in a clear and flexible way in such a complex and irregular environment.

â–² Pipeline placement in the kitchen

Among them, the kitchen is a good example. In the vicinity of the sink, the horizontal copper tubes had to be moved downwards and divided into two branches to be used as bathroom and kitchen light lines, respectively. A lamp is required on a slanted wall above the window, and this light also needs to be integrated into the pipeline system to reduce space utilization. In the end, the transformation from complex to aesthetic is realized.

â–² Hang the living appliance on the wall

These copper pipes emit different sounds during use, such as the rustling of hooks at the entrance, the buzzing of kitchen utensils, and the buzzing of rotating light switches at night... In the eyes of the designers, these are all A musically joyous sound.

â–² brass is also the sounder of life

Art Deco

The designer imagined that this space would transform into a single apartment where the occupants would eat, work, and rest as if they were in a pea pod, both real and dreamy.

â–² bedroom

Face the Louvre, step into the building from the banks of the Seine, and the occupants will be removed from the busy city and follow the twisting stairs to the fourth floor. He/she will be delighted physically and mentally in this small and intimate space, and will feel peaceful while crossing the city and noise outside the window.

â–² bedroom

All the artwork in the apartment was created by the designer himself. They hang in the apartment metaphorizing the world of dreams . When they were put together, they formed a “living and living excerpt” and created a imaginary world in an Ottoman-style apartment.

â–² Pictures drawn by the interior hanging designer

The success of Shaker Studio is to save an ordinary living space for the disappearing residential community. After the renovation of the apartment was completed, the owner decided to hang it on Airbnb and other websites and rent it for daily or weekly.

This unique brass suspension system also made this small apartment stand out in many similar rental rooms in Paris.

If you come to Paris to play, will you choose to live in this small apartment?

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