So beautiful! The Chinese spirit of mahogany furniture!



Sitting pier

Dragon Chair

Circle chair

Red rosewood Ganoderma lucidum nat 6 set

Red rosewood palace chair 3 sets

Red rosewood king sofa 1+2+3/6 sets (site spot)

Suanzhi King King Bed 3 sets (spot spot)

2.8 king office table 2 sets (site spot)

Rosewood tea table series

Summary Since ancient times, the two core elements of the "Chinese Spirit" have been "Harmony and Middle Road." Today, mahogany furniture, as one of the important carriers of the “Chinese spirit,” leads us in the common pursuit of a harmonious approach between man and nature, man and others, man and self.

Aluminum Diamond Plate 3003-H22 is easy to fabricate and its raised diamond pattern provides good slip resistance and walking stability. 

Application and uses of Aluminum diamond tread plate 3003-H22 bright are: extensive product use as scuff plates, running boards, and mud flaps for fire engines, ambulances, fire trucks, trailers and toolboxes, recreational, and four-wheel-drive vehicles.


Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum Diamond plate sheet

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