Integrated wall decoration prices generally integrate wall decorations

Many people want to be able to decorate what they want when they are decorating the house. Now that wall decoration is a new type of wall, many people like this material. However, because it is a new type of product, most of the friends still do not understand the integrated wall decoration. What are the advantages of the integrated wall decoration ? How much is the price of the integrated wall decoration ? The following website Xiaobian will provide answers for everyone, for your reference. .

How much is the price of integrated wall decoration generally:

Looking at the quality of the wall decoration, good quality is estimated to be around 167 yuan, and it's estimated to be around 84 yuan.

1、Integrated interior wall wall panel integrated ceiling decorative plate bamboo fiber wood plastic board insulation board ¥108

2, environmental protection nano integrated wall decoration integrated wall Nano integrated wall panel integrated ceiling ¥ 112

3, nano integrated wall panel integrated wall decoration bamboo fiberboard nano integrated wall surface ¥ 150

4, Crystal Health Jane Europe classical leather soft and hard black mirror background integrated wall decoration ¥ 450

Tips: Different regions and different cities have different consumption levels, and the price of integrated wallboard is certainly different.

Integrated wall decoration prices are generally much - advantages:

First, the renovation process is simple. The use of integrated wall decoration for interior decoration, from the rough room to the finished product, requires only the integration of wall decoration materials and corresponding carpentry tools, and other materials do not need to be used basically.

Second, labor costs are reduced. The integrated wall decoration only requires carpentry and can be completed within 15 days, greatly reducing labor costs.

Third, product performance is perfect. The integrated wall decoration has the advantages that other similar decoration materials can not match, and integrates environmental protection, fashion, simplicity, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, and other advantages.

Fourth, the environmental performance of products is more prominent. The components of the integrated wall decorations are all made of environmentally friendly materials. After consumers use them, they completely achieve carbon emission of “0”.

Fifth, it is more contrastive for other decoration products. The integrated wall completely solves the phenomenon that the wallpaper is easy to fall off, unable to prevent moisture, difficult to clean, and not scratch resistant. Compared with paint, it broke through higher environmental protection concepts and pre-decoration processes.

Sixth, the price is more ideal. Compared with similar wall decoration materials, the integrated wall surface has a high price. However, the actual operation will be completely different. The integrated wall surface only requires direct material, without the need for wall surface treatment, which saves a lot of costs. In contrast, the integrated wall surface price should be lower than that of the same time decoration materials.

Seventh, the use of the product is more ideal, and the fixed method is added on the basis of the original product to thoroughly solve the problems in the installation process and further enhance the use of the product.

Through the above introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding of the price of integrated wall decoration and the advantages of integrated wall decoration, I hope to help everyone buy a satisfactory home improvement material Oh! For more information, please continue to follow our website. Follow-up will show more exciting content!

Integrated wall decoration prices are generally much

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