Stainless steel fire doors need to have what conditions are different from rigid fire doors

The role of fire doors is to prevent smoke and flames in the event of a fire. Generally, there are many fire door materials, such as stainless steel waterproof doors, steel fire doors, etc. What is the difference between these fire doors with different materials? Stainless steel fire doors need to have what conditions, followed by Xiaobian together to understand it.

First, stainless steel fire doors need to have what conditions

1. Stainless steel fire doors belong to new types of door products, and I believe many people do not know much about its features. First of all, we must know that the stainless steel fire doors need to meet the national fireproof Class A or Class B fire door standards. However, for the fire door class, different fire door classes have different flame retardant times, and the stainless steel fire doors should also be Anti-skid function.

2. There are many standards for stainless steel fire doors that are stipulated by the State, and there are also relevant signs for the thickness of door frames. The door frame is 1.2mm thick and the thickness of the front and back panels is 0.8mm. When the lock has anti-skid function, the lock part of the lock should have a slant tongue and a square lock tongue, but no world lock can be installed.

3, stainless steel fire doors cat's eyes and locks should have a fire detection report, B fire entrance door can be installed door collar, Class A can not be installed. When purchasing products, the company is required to provide fire-fighting type approval certificates, fire detection reports, and metal entry door inspection reports. Lock, cat's eye fire detection report.

Second, what is the difference with rigid fire doors?

1, different materials

Stainless steel fire doors mostly use stainless steel as door frames and doors, while steel fire doors use galvanized steel.

2, different anti-explosion strength

Stainless steel fire doors are resistant to high temperatures and maintain high strength and toughness even under high temperature conditions, and can effectively prevent explosions and other emergencies. Steel fire doors can easily be blown by air currents to cause explosions at high temperatures.

3, the service life is different

The stainless steel fire door contains nickel and chromium metal, which has strong corrosion resistance and long service life. Steel fire doors use galvanized steel, which is easily corroded by oxides in the air and has a short service life.

4, different application areas

Stainless steel fire doors are suitable for use in different types of industrial buildings, residential buildings and other places where fire protection requirements are relatively high. Steel fire doors are mostly used in hospitals, R&D centers, government buildings, offices, etc.

5, different filling material

Stainless steel fire doors are mostly filled with perlite plates, while steel fire doors are made of magnesium-silicon fireproof plates.

Summary: The sales volume of stainless steel fire doors in the market is still relatively good. It has very good fire performance and provides security protection for residential homes. What are the requirements for stainless steel fire doors and the differences between them and rigid fire doors?

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