Small apartment home improvement model to enjoy the small apartment decoration points

Small-sized units are more and more liked by people, and they are also the main units for housing sales. When people buy homes, real estate developers often show the user a small apartment home showroom to attract customers. After the purchase of a house, the customer needs to pay attention to what is the aspect of the small apartment renovation? Next, I would like to share with Xiao Bian about the small family home model room and decoration points.

One, small apartment home improvement model enjoy

The interior space is dominated by a light-colored, cool-colored white tile with a warm-coloured beige wall. A layer of fluffy carpet is laid over, making the entire space inviting us to feel too cold, dark carpets, tables, cupboards Furniture and other places added a calm to the space. The simple, uniquely designed decorations make the entire home more stylish.

The wooden floor and the TV background wall are like a block of bricks. It is accompanied by a sofa with small florals and a rattan chair, giving people a warm and natural feeling. The large floor-to-ceiling windows meet the needs of indoor lighting. Double-layered curtains can adjust the light and shade of light with their own needs.

Second, the small apartment decoration points

1, Reasonable planning and storage space, avoid excessive storage

When decorating small-sized apartment houses, everyone would like to have more storage space because of the relatively small room space. However, too much storage space will make the room appear crowded. We must rationalize the layout of the storage space during the renovation and try our best to choose the embedded space. Or wall-mounted storage furniture.

2. The guest restaurant area should be handled in a proper way and should not be clearly defined.

Small-sized apartment space is relatively small, and if partitions are used for partitioning, the space will be more narrow and cramped. The small-sized apartment should adopt an open layout, and the living room and restaurant should be integrated so that the entire space looks more spacious.

3, color should not be too much

Whether it is a large-scale renovation or a small apartment, the indoor color should not be too much, otherwise it will make the entire space appear disorganized. Small-sized apartment interior color can choose light-colored, looks brighter and more spacious, as long as a reasonable mix of colors, small units can make people shine.

4. It is not suitable to make complicated ceiling

Small units can not do as far as possible do not do the ceiling, if you want to do ceiling also try to choose a simple shape of the ceiling, because the complex ceiling look for a long time will give a feeling of depression.

5, clever use mirror

We can also choose to put a decorative mirror in place in the room. The mirror is not only an ornament, but also gives us a feeling of greater space.

Xiao Bian summed up: On the appreciation and decoration of small apartment home improvement model Xiaobian introduced to this, and hope that after reading this article, to provide reference and help to everyone.

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