Gear pump maintenance notes

Gear pump repair knowledge with the use of time to improve gear pump will appear lack of pump oil, not even oil and other shortcomings, the primary reason is the site wear is too large. The wear parts of the gear pump mainly include the driving shaft and the bushing, the center hole and the pin of the driven gear are forced, and the cavity and gear of the pump housing, the gear end face and the pump cover are provided. Lubricating oil pump wear the first technical guidelines can not meet their needs, they should be disassembled and disassembled to find out the location and level of wear and tear, to receive responses to be amended. Gear pump First, apart should be well prepared before opening, understand the layout of the equipment, process flow, operating conditions; be careful when open to prevent damage to equipment components. Second, review the data Gear pump components of the gap, should do all the checks, some of the specifications of the gap in Table 1--1. Third, the view of the components removed for a specific view of the gear for color inspection, does not allow the existence of cracks; shaft conic degree qualified, the appearance of no scratches, the maximum roughness R a value of 1.6μm; Cover, bracket, pump body shall not have obvious shortcomings. Fourth, the amendment or replacement of overspending parts and components should be replaced, for the amendment of parts and components, after the amendment should fit the specification. Fifth, assembly and adjustment Gear end face and end caps, bracket axial gap, relying on changes in end caps, brackets and the seal between the body to adjust the thickness of the gasket; fastening end cap bolts, force evenly symmetrical, When the rotor is tightly pressed, the bolt should be loosened when it encounters the rotor. When the filler or oil seal is added, the rotor still needs to be tightly pressed while tightly pressing the cover, so it can not die too tightly. Sixth, hydraulic test pressure test for 1.5 times the work pressure, adhere to 5min does not leak, test run time, no leakage, normal operation, no abnormal oscillation, the export pressure to meet the needs of qualified.