Building a strong smart grid is the trend of economic and social development

With the rapid economic and social development, the relationship between electricity and society, and millions of households is getting closer. Recently, Zhou Ren, deputy director of operation and maintenance department of Tianjin Chengnan Power Supply Branch, was interviewed by the reporter and introduced the situation of the strong intelligent distribution network.

Zhou Ren said that the strong smart grid is based on the communication information platform and uses intelligent control as a means to create a strong, reliable, cost-effective, clean, environmentally friendly, transparent, friendly and interactive modern power grid. In simple terms, the vast majority of power users will no longer be troubled by power outages or failure of the power grid for a long time to wait for repairs and recovery. In the event of a failure, the smart grid system quickly diagnoses the grid fault category and fault zone, and automatically isolates the fault point and resumes normal power supply.

He said that the large-scale blackouts that occurred in foreign countries in recent years have caused major threats to the local economy, society, and people’s lives and even their lives. Building a strong smart grid is the general trend of economic and social development.