How to choose a good latex paint for home improvement

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When purchasing branded coatings, the price should be chosen as a standard. The latex paint should be selected according to the different functions of the room. For example, in the bathroom and basement, it is better to choose a mold-resistant product. The kitchen and bathroom should be selected to be stain-resistant and have good scrub resistance. The latex paint with certain elasticity is suitable for covering cracks and protecting the wall surface.

Features of latex paint:

(1) The coating film dries quickly. At 25 ° C, the surface can be dried in 30 minutes and completely dry in 120 minutes;

(2), good gloss and color retention. The paint film is hard, the surface is flat, and the look is comfortable;

(3) Convenient construction and preparation. Can be applied on the newly constructed wet wall surface;

(4) Safe, non-toxic, and not pollute the environment;

(5), no fire hazard. Because the paint uses water as a medium, there is no danger of fire;

(6) After use, the wall surface is not easy to absorb dust;

(7) Good alkali resistance. It is applied to the new plastered wall and the ceiling and concrete wall which are alkaline, and it is not sticky and is not easy to change color.

The quality of latex paint is mainly determined by the quality of the emulsion. However, household latex paints are applied in strict accordance with the construction method. Good quality, after five years of interior wall paint, the adhesion of the emulsion will also be invalid; the adhesion of the emulsion will be invalid after about ten years of exterior wall paint. Generally, the latex paint will not tell you about these conditions, so consumers should not think that the latex paint is once and for all. Choose to buy latex paint, choose the right paint according to your needs, don't just pursue "advanced" or cheap. To know the quality of the paint is related to the physical and mental health of the occupants, choose high-quality paint that meets national standards (gb). High-quality paint has strong adhesion, good stain resistance, is not easy to yellow, and is more tough and durable than ordinary paint, so high-quality paint can maintain the best appearance for a longer time.