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IKO imported bearing protection measures

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-07-19

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IKO imported bearings are attributed to fine parts; in order to avoid early damage of IKO imported bearings; need to have proper storage and protection; IKO imported bearings with non-standard or no outer packaging in the warehouse; small to a few dollars; Three or four thousand yuan set. These bearings are exposed on the shelves; in addition, the temperature of the warehouse is high; the butter that was originally modified on the bearing has a smooth protective effect; this will speed up the bearing rust; it will affect us. The use of production. Align this scene; the supply department arranges personnel to remove these bearings.
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2. Dry the removed bearing with a dry rag; then put it in the anti-rust oil. In this process; the bearing should be thoroughly touched with the anti-rust oil; the bearing should not be changed continuously; The oil film consisting of oil masks the appearance of the bearing; the intention of reaching the rust.
3, the next use of lithium grease? With butter? Need to be evenly applied to the bearing's appearance; including the inner and outer rings, wheels, cages. And the edge of the edge to change the bearing; so that the butter really enters the inside of the bearing; play a full smooth effect .
4, the final process is packaging. In order to save the cost; we "turn waste into treasure"; the cement packaging bag that is invalidated in the warehouse; cut into a large and appropriate packaging bag; the bearing is tightly wrapped, wrapped; after bearing the bearing specification model Put it back on the shelf.

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