Summer crop heat prevention technology

    High temperature in summer will affect the normal growth and development of crops and cause heat damage. Prevention should be strengthened and its main measures are:

    1 . Cool down with water. In the hot season, timely irrigation can improve the microclimate conditions in the field and reduce the temperature by 1 °C ~ 3 °C, thus reducing the direct damage of the high temperature to the flower and photosynthetic organs of the crop. Spraying the cool water directly on the stems and leaves of the crop through a sprinkler irrigation device or a sprayer also has a cooling effect, and the cooling temperature is generally about 1 °C.

    2 . Artificial assisted pollination. In the high-temperature dry season, crop natural loose powder, pollination reduced ability of corn, sorghum and other cross-pollinated crops artificial pollination, reduce the impact of high temperature on crop pollination, fertilization process, the setting rate increased by 5% to 8 than natural pollination %.

    3 . Top dressing. In the hot season, foliar spray application is carried out continuously with urea, human urine, pig urine, bovine urine, potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution or superphosphate and grass ash leaching solution, which is beneficial to both cooling and humidification, and can supplement crop growth and development. The water and nutrients needed. However, it must be noted that the spraying concentration must be appropriately reduced to increase the water consumption.

4 . Strengthen management. In the hot season, reasonable management of fertilizer and water can improve the nutritional status of plants and enhance their ability to resist high temperature and heat damage. Sweet pepper sprayed with 30ppm p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid solution, which has certain control effect on falling flowers caused by high temperature; tomato sprays 2000 ~ 3000ppmB9 solution, 0 . 1% zinc sulfate or copper sulfate solution, the plant can be improved heat resistance, enhanced fruit cracking, Anti capability of burning, with 2. 4 - D dip flower or smear, can prevent high temperature falling and promote ovary enlargement; vegetables grown in plastic greenhouse should cover shade net in summer, the temperature can reach 4 °C ~ 6 °C, and can prevent rainstorm, hail and locust Directly harm vegetables.



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