Feng Shui notes for the apartment

A collection of apartments, such as apartments, is located in the center of the building. It is located in the east, southeast, and south, and the opposite is in the northeast, southwest, and west. What is the feng shui aspect, let us take a look at the apartment feng shui notes.

Therefore, it is best to choose a house in the southeast corner when choosing a house. There are windows on the east and south sides of the corner house in the southeast. The indoor air circulation is healthy and can be said to be impeccable. Furthermore, if the number of apartments is judged to be good or bad, the family is influenced by the bottom up, and it may be considered as having no effect from the top down. Therefore, in the selection of the number of buildings in the apartment and other collections, the closer to the surface, the more the Kyrgyzstan. The closer the surface is to safety, the easier it is to get the benefits of soil energy. The energy emitted from the soil is scattered in the air. The higher the number of buildings, the thinner it is. The higher the oxygen, the thinner the oxygen in the air, and the health is not ideal.

We often see sparse trees around the apartment, which help to replenish oxygen and are good for health. If you have to live in a tall building, it is best to put some grass or tree basins on the balcony. In addition, in places where there is a fire in the kitchen or bathroom, oxygen is always less, and some plants are placed as much as possible. This situation is best for fern-shaped pots that can grow in the shade of the sun. There are many foliage plants, and rubber trees are plants that emit oxygen in a lively manner. They are not only limited to balconies, but also suitable for indoors.

In addition, plant classes have many utilities. For example, if the windows of the house face the neighbor's toilet, kitchen, and bathroom, then planting shrubs can avoid disasters from neighbors.

In short, it is best to use the greenery to arrange the interior of the apartment house that lives in reinforced concrete.

The home feng shui of the apartment house is also affected by the same kind of house as the zenith house. Even if it is only a temporary residence, as long as it stays for more than 90 days, there will be some impact.

If it is a fierce, not only your own fortune, but also the murderous will appear on the family, so be careful when choosing.

The above apartment Feng Shui knowledge, I hope that the sharing of Xiaobian is helpful to everyone, how to look at the overall feng shui of the home is also a learning, we need to understand.