China's furniture hardware industry upgrade

China's furniture hardware industry upgrade “In recent years, as China's economic situation has changed from rapid development to stable development, some new changes have taken place in China’s furniture hardware market. The era of rapid growth of about 30% in the past decade has passed.” International Mold According to Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, the Chinese furniture market is changing from supply shortage to supply and demand, and the overcapacity phenomenon is becoming increasingly prominent. Under this background, the industry “shuffles” inevitably, if you want to “shuffle” "Grab the market first, transformation and upgrading is the key.

Judging from the domestic regional development situation, the furniture hardware industry in the eastern region has encountered bottlenecks in recent years. The rising raw material prices, logistics costs and manpower costs have constrained the development of furniture in the east, and the eastern furniture hardware industry has gradually moved from south to north. The shift from east to west is also the same as the transfer of furniture hardware industry from China to China in the past. It is not only the transfer of enterprises, but also the transfer of order development.

The transfer of eastern furniture hardware industry in the central and western regions gradually improved the infrastructure and industrial chain, and the development momentum in Sichuan and Henan provinces was relatively strong, especially in Sichuan.

After the recent five years of hard work, Sichuan has become a major producer of furniture hardware in terms of the scale of production and the amount of corporate sales. Western China's large production base has been formed here. However, due to the slowdown of the entire market economy, the furniture hardware market has turned from supply shortage to supply and demand, and the industry is in a transition period. In the near future, there may be a group of companies that will be eliminated. Chairman of Sichuan Chamber of Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce and Chengdu Wangyi Furniture Group president Wang Xuemao said that although Sichuan's furniture was built earlier due to the construction of the market, the self-operated market was built more widely and distributed more widely, and the targeted consumers were relatively accurate. Compared with homes in the east, the exit of the market is slower. However, in general, the status quo of supply and demand is still facing, and many furniture has become sluggish.

“Sichuan and even China’s furniture hardware market will become bigger and stronger, and transformation and upgrading will be the key.” Luo Baihui pointed out that in the past two years, customized furniture is emerging and personalization has become a development trend. Consumers are no longer satisfied with mass production of furniture products in order to integrate the style of furniture into the overall decoration style. This requires the furniture hardware company to follow the trend, follow the consumer mentality to carry out the transformation, and attach importance to the original product design and unique technology.

However, Wang Xuemao pointed out that product improvement and technological innovation are also ways of transformation and upgrading. In addition, we can also achieve transformation and upgrading through innovations in business operations and changes in business operations, through innovative services to consumers and changes in sales services to operators, and we must strive to gain the upper hand in shuffling.