4 kinds of aluminum buckle ceiling material introduction

Aluminum gussets are commonly used ceiling materials in the ceiling industry. Because they are durable, beautiful appearance, many owners are very fond of, but the material of the aluminum buckle ceiling is also divided into a variety of different alloy plates, the small series of this article will introduce to you 4 kinds The aluminum buckle plate ceiling plate to help everyone choose what they need.

Aluminum alloy buckle ceiling ordinary aluminum alloy:

Ordinary aluminum alloy materials have lower magnesium, manganese content, and less strength, rigidity, and oxidation resistance. The price is relatively cheap, and trade-offs can be considered when purchasing.

Aluminium-magnesium alloy of aluminum buckle ceiling:

Aluminum-magnesium alloys contain relatively more magnesium and also contain some manganese, which has a certain strength and stiffness. The aluminum-magnesium alloy has increased the hardness at the same time, also increased some brightness, the texture is good, the decorative effect is strong, the biggest advantage of the aluminum-magnesium alloy ceiling is the good anti-oxidation ability.

Aluminum-manganese alloy ceiling of aluminum buckle plate:

The strength and stiffness of this material are slightly better than aluminum-magnesium alloys. However, the antioxidant capacity is slightly lower than that of aluminum-magnesium alloys. If both sides of the protective treatment, basically to solve its anti-oxidation ability is not as good as aluminum-magnesium alloy good shortcomings, the domestic Ruiye aluminum aluminum processing performance is the most stable.

Aluminum buckle plate ceiling titanium alloy:

Titanium alloy buckle plate not only has strong hardness and excellent oxidation resistance, but also has the characteristics of strong resistance to acid and alkali. It is the best material for long-term use in the kitchen and bathroom.

The properties of the aluminum buckles made of different alloys are different, and the quality of the ceilings of the aluminum buckles is different. In short, different alloys have their own characteristics. We can choose according to price and performance.

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