Taiyuan security door how to buy Taiyuan security door to buy a small coup

The lock used on the security door must be a dedicated lock with anti-drilling function that has passed the detection of the Ministry of Public Security inspection center. Security doors can be made of different materials, but only when they meet the standard test standards can a security door be called a security door.

Currently used as a household door in a residential building is mainly a flat-type anti-theft security door. The fence-type anti-theft security door is mainly used in conjunction with a building intercom control system product to serve as a building intercom door for residential or residential walkways. Sliding doors are mainly used for small commercial shops.

For the average consumer, the residents’ anti-theft security doors are mainly flat-opening anti-theft security doors. Swing doors are the most demanded security doors on the market today. Some standards call this kind of door a split door or an entry door, indicating that this is a door that distinguishes between indoor and outdoor. Therefore, in addition to anti-theft, it also involves thermal insulation, sound insulation, aesthetics and many other aspects. Swing door is divided formally: ordinary swing door, door middle door, sub-mother door and composite door. Ordinary swing doors are single-leaf closed doors. The door has the advantages of a fenced door and a hinged door. The outer door is a fenced door. There is a small door behind the fenced door. The opening of the small door can be used as a fence door for ventilation and the like. The small door is closed as a swinging door. The role. The sub-mother door is generally used for homes with large door frames, that is, to ensure convenient access at ordinary times, and also allows large furniture to be easily carried in. The composite door is also called a frame and two doors. The front door is a fence gate and the rear door is a closed swing door.

About the small coup to buy Taiyuan security door. With the continuous renewal of the times, people are becoming more and more aware of security measures. Many households in daily life will use security doors. The quality of security doors directly affects our safety. Then how do we buy security doors? What?

1. Consumers should choose the right anti-theft security door based on the actual requirements of the door hole standard, opening direction, and color markings.

2. Anti-damage function is the most important function of anti-theft security door. When it is purchased, it can allow its seller to show the inspection certificate of the relevant department. The quality of the product should meet the national standard gb17565-1998 "General technical conditions for security doors". need.

3. The thickness of the steel plate of qualified anti-theft security door frames is usually more than two millimeters. The thickness of the door body is generally more than twenty millimeters. The weight of the door body should be checked. Generally, it should be more than 40 kilograms, and can be removed by removing the cat's eyes. Doorbell box or lock handle is also used to check the interior plan of the door body. The thickness of the steel plate of the door body should be more than one millimeter, and the rare root reinforcing steel bars inside, so that the front and rear panels of the door body are organically connected in the same place, and the door body is reinforced. With the strength of the entire building, the door is best equipped with materials such as asbestos, which has the functions of fire prevention, heat preservation, and sound insulation. As a filler, knocking on the door by hand will give a “click” sound, and consumers should be able to open the door and close the door with sensitivity.

4, to view the quality of skills: should pay special attention to see if there are any welding defects, such as open welding, not welding, missing welding and other appearances. See if the interaction between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, the gap is not uniform, the openness is not sensitive, all the joints are not compact, and the appearance of the door panel should be treated with antisepsis. Generally, it should be painted and sprayed, and the paint layer should have no air bubbles. The color is even and there are many doors with rubber sealing strips embedded in the door frame. When closing the door, no sharp metal cracks will be generated.

About Taiyuan anti-theft door related knowledge to introduce here, hope can help everyone!

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