Intelligent battle for kitchen smart experience into a new darling

Intelligent battle for kitchen smart experience into a new darling

In recent years, smart home, as a new industry in the field of security, is currently at the critical point of introduction and growth. The concept of consumption in China's smart home market is not yet mature, but with the further implementation of smart home market promotion, consumers will have a deeper understanding of smart home. Once the habit of consumers using smart homes is nurtured, the smart home market will expand dramatically. China Family Development Report 2014 clearly stated that in 2014, the number of Chinese households was 430 million, ranking first in the world. There is no doubt that any family is a potential customer in the smart home market. The huge smart home market is a good news for any security company.

China's smart home system started relatively late, and there is still some disagreement between the product itself and the market demand. Smart home is an interactive platform that can interact and exchange different systems, protocols, information, content, and control in different subsystems. With the broadening of the smart home market and the constant renewal of technology, it is impossible for general enterprises to cover the entire market for smart home market competition. Therefore, smart home products of certain types or aspects are also developed. One of the directions. Looking at the smart home market, the current battle field in the industry is mainly concentrated in the kitchen, living room and router.

Intelligent router scramble is inevitable

One of the features of smart homes is the use of the Internet and timely home smart devices connected through the Internet to achieve online, remote control, build home networks, routers are essential equipment. The router is located on the upper layer of the smart terminal and is called the “smart tap”. The competition in the smart home market is inevitable.

A few days ago, Nutshell Technology officially released the Smart Router, the "Magic Beans" router, at the Beijing National Convention Center. Xiaomi, Baidu, 360, Haier and other Internet and home appliance industry giants have been targeting the smart router industry. Billion State Power Network observed that the smart router has a "plot" of the company's ultimate goal is basically the field of smart home.

360, Xiaomi, Ali and other Internet companies believe that in the future, smart routing will not only serve as an access point to the home Internet, but will be based on smart phones, tablets, computers, televisions, and even washing machines, curtains, and microwave ovens. The unified management and management of the routing realize the transformation of intelligent routing to the role of the smart home processing center and become the “controller” of the entire smart home system.

Living room into battle for home

The living room is not only the gathering place for household appliances, but also the main battlefield for people's lives and entertainment. People spend most of their time in the living room after spending a good time, so people prefer to experience a smart life here compared to other bedrooms. Manufacturers also take a fancy to this point and compete in this regard. The most important one is the remote control.

The first is to find the corresponding equipment, and the second is to think about replacing the battery. Inadvertently, it may cause corrosion of the equipment.

Of course, people also want to get a comfortable living environment, that is, suitable temperature and humidity environment, good air quality. Obviously, ordinary household appliances cannot perceive people's needs. Therefore, smart home products need to be able to provide users with the best service and allow them to enjoy the most comfortable living environment once they meet the trigger criteria under the conditions set by the user.

Kitchen smart experience becomes the new favorite

The NextMarket Market Research Company launched a survey for U.S. users in October this year about the frequency of use of mobile devices in the kitchen. Among them, 24% of users said they always use a tablet or mobile phone to watch recipes, 34% of users are sometimes used, 18% of users are rarely used, and 24% of users never use it. In other words, the potential users of kitchen equipment are up to 58%, which is a figure that other types of smart home devices cannot compare.

Mobile apps are just the beginning of an intelligent kitchen. Not to mention built-in WIFI, smart refrigerators that can display recipes and have better preservation technology, such as vacuum cooking machines, smart slow cookers, smart kitchen scales, and smart coffee makers, have emerged in large numbers and have received great attention. These products not only provide the Internet of Things connection experience, but also help people make food faster and healthier through powerful applications.

Cooking is an eternal art, and it is something that almost every family needs to face every day. Coupled with people's concern for healthy diet, the huge market potential brought about cannot be estimated. In the future, manufacturers will pay more attention to connectivity, such as combining intelligent kitchen scales, food composition scanners, and exercise equipment, to help people better achieve a healthy diet and exercise experience.

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