Xiaobian teaches you how to buy mahogany furniture

If you don't know about mahogany furniture, GO Jiaju has popularized the knowledge of mahogany furniture for you. You have friends who have collected mahogany furniture. Xiaobian teaches you how to easily manage mahogany furniture tips. Now, Xiaobian will teach the friends who understand the mahogany furniture and love them, how to buy mahogany furniture!

What we should pay attention to when buying mahogany furniture

1. All mahogany furniture is disassembled by shovel, so real mahogany furniture does not need a little glue, and does not need a nail, which is good for preventing cracking of mahogany furniture.

2, to choose a brand, trustworthy stores, manufacturers, old brands. In general, the quality of their products will be guaranteed, and the after-sales service is also very good, no worries.

3, to shop around, for the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. As the saying goes, "A penny is a good thing", the real good thing, the price can not be very cheap.

Method of identification at the time of purchase

1. Look at the legs and feet of the furniture for signs of fading and dampness. In wet areas in the south, furniture is usually placed directly in the mud, which can happen for a long time.

2, look at the wood grain. Some furniture will have uneven wood grain on the surface, but if you look carefully, whether it is rubbed with a wire brush is whether it matches the original wood grain. Hard rubbed wood has always an unnatural feeling.

3. See if the patina is natural. Generally, in the position that the user's hand often touches, a naturally formed patina will appear. The new imitation of the patina is either unnatural or made in places that are not often touched.

4, look at the copper job. If the copper work of the old mahogany furniture is original, it should be rubbed for decades or even hundreds of years. Copper jobs include face sheets, hinges, hinges, handles, wrap angles, bezels, lock faces, etc. Some of the better-quality furniture will also be made of white copper. It will be fascinating for a long time. .

5, look at the traces of renovation. Some of the cloth chairs are refurbished, and the original chair ring will leave a dense nail hole. This chair is old. Some rattan chairs, the original vine surface is rotten, leaving the eyes of the vines, you can see them over.

In summary, we keep these points in mind when buying mahogany furniture. I believe that friends can buy their favorite mahogany furniture. Today, I would like to see the mahogany furniture recommended by Xiaobian for you:

Hongfa Hair Rosewood General Tea Table

Hongfa Hair Rosewood General Tea Table

Jiping Redwood Burmese Rosewood Chinese Tea Table

Jiping Redwood Burmese Rosewood Chinese Tea Table

Friends who love mahogany furniture can also experience the 3D panoramic exhibition hall of Jiping Redwood (http://3d.gojiaju.com/jphm/)!

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