It is difficult to conceal the lack of preparation for export risks in the furniture industry.

According to the "Foshan Daily" article comprehensive analysis of the furniture companies in the Foshan Fair, the feedback from the furniture companies is more optimistic. Exhibitors reflected that it is obvious that the number of buyers is much higher than that of the Spring Fair, and the number of merchants from Europe and the United States has increased significantly, but the price reduction behavior is widespread and serious. The reporter's investigation found that the furniture industry showed signs of low-level competition, and exhibitors were seriously inadequate in preparing for export risks.
Corresponding to the price reduction of the merchants, some of Foshan furniture companies participating in the exhibition have attracted orders by price reduction in order to grab more customers. The overall price of furniture companies has been lowered by about 10%, hoping to attract more attention and orders. The analysis believes that this phenomenon will make the competition in this industry become more intense.
Most of the Foshan exhibiting furniture companies interviewed did not pay enough attention to anti-dumping and trade barriers in major export markets such as the United States. Obviously, they are not prepared for export risks. In particular, the US Lacey Act (2008 Amendment), which will extend to the furniture industry from April 1, 2010, will not be precautionary.
According to the requirements of the Act, after April 1 next year, all wood products exported to the United States should provide a legal source of timber supply, including the Latin name of the plant species used, the country of harvest, the quantity, and value. This means that in the future, all wooden furniture exported to the United States must provide a series of legal documents for the source of timber, otherwise it will not be sold in the US market. Statistics show that the United States is the largest country in China's furniture exports, accounting for 41% of China's total furniture exports. In 2008, China exported more than 20 billion US dollars worth of furniture to the United States, including about 7 billion US dollars of wooden furniture.

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5. Application: Drinking supply, cold and hot water supply, heating supply, fire protection, gas, 

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