2014 Jianbo New Product Recommendation: Top Solid Brand Smart Furniture

Modern society is a smart society. If you don't know what intelligence is, then you are out. Perhaps many people are no strangers to smart phones and smart computers, but have you heard of smart furniture?

On the basis of modern fashion furniture, intelligent furniture integrates intelligence, electronic intelligence, mechanical intelligence and IOT into the furniture products, making the furniture intelligent, international and fashionable, making home life more convenient and comfortable. It is an important part of the upstart lifestyle and is the development trend and trend of future international furniture. In this issue, Xiaobian has brought you several top-set brand smart furniture. If you are a cultivator of smart life, then they must be your dish.

Recommended one: smart variety wardrobe

The top solid brand is the first company in the home furnishing industry to propose a rechargeable induction handle, and it is applied to this variety of wardrobes. The wardrobe has an independent lighting system and the design is more user-friendly. In addition, the intelligent changeable wardrobe can also realize the ideal of small space and large storage. It adopts the "double M" design theory to provide maximum storage capacity with minimal space. It is also equipped with a flexible and exquisite hardware sliding system that is durable and professional.

Recommendation 2: Smart TV cabinet

The appearance of this TV cabinet is sleek and simple, the overall style is atmospheric and unified; the mobile terminal management system can be used to easily complete the storage needs; equipped with smart wireless to open, instantly create a home theater; equipped with intelligent hidden lifting storage system to keep the home clean and tidy Comfortable.

Recommendation three: intelligent temperature control health bed

The intelligent temperature control health bed adopts intelligent independent lighting system, and the design is more humanized. It is also equipped with anti-interference sleep aid system to take care of your sleep carefully. It also has smart bed temperature regulation system, energy saving and environmental protection, and provides personalized service.

Recommended four: smart desk

The smart desk uses a smart balanced light source lighting system to protect the eyesight and add a touch of the study atmosphere. In addition, it also has a digital desktop integrated system, and the study is simple and decent.

Recommendation 5: Smart Beauty Dressing Table

It has the function of space atomization and humidification, intelligent beauty, easy makeup SPA; and intelligent sleep aid system to make your dreams come true; more 360° no dead angle beauty system, every angle can be perfectly displayed.

Xiao Bian summary: This set of smart furniture is called integrated digital future housekeeper. Its design is more humanized, it provides a lot of convenience, and the functions of health are also very good. It is really suitable for you who know how to live.

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