Correct understanding of the radioactivity of building stone

In the decoration of various buildings, stone is one of the main choice materials, but the radioactive elements contained in the stone are the concerns of people. In nature we can say that any substance contains radioactive elements. As far as the human body is concerned, he is constantly exposed to external rays, and the human body itself constantly emits a certain amount of rays of different energy levels to the outside world. From this point of view, it can be seen that any stone containing radioactive substances is certain and normal. Because the stone comes from nature.

So how much is the radioactive element in the stone? The radioactive elements in the stone are essentially the same as the radioactive elements that make up our living, living, office building materials, and materials used to produce building materials. Dose radiation, it is impossible to cause female infertility or cause various cancers in the short term due to the radioactive elements of building materials. Then, if the radioactive super-standard stone will cause harm to the human body, if the radioactive dose is high-dose, it will definitely cause a certain effect on the human body. For building materials, the low-dose radiation generated by the stone has a probability of cancer. A few thousand. This risk is no higher than the risk of riding a car, taking a train and engaging in construction, mining and other industries.

In general, most of the stone varieties in China are used to satisfy the decoration of the Baishiju, and the radioactivity level is equivalent to other building materials. Of course, some of the varieties of stone radioactive level and the standard requirements of the Class A products are higher, which is related to the mine from which the stone is taken. As long as we use stone reasonably, we can avoid harm to human health. In addition, the size of the stone radioactivity that should be proposed is not completely determined by color. It is mainly related to the mining and chemical composition. It is not directly related to the color of the stone. The cause of human cancer is very complicated. It is unscientific to say that direct infertility or various cancers occur. Therefore, for the scientific understanding of the harm of the radioactivity of the stone to the human body, it is impossible to give scientific corrections with some wrong opinions. But we still have to emphasize the seriousness of implementing standards.

The national mandatory standard JC518-93 is legally enforced and must be strictly enforced. It can be said that this is the main measure to prevent stone radioactivity from harming the human body. The detection of stone radioactivity is quite scientific. It is said that it is unscientific and unpredictable to use a simple instrument to claim that it has entered the households for the so-called stone and floor radioactivity. The results are doubtful. of. Because the scientific test must measure the stone to be measured in a lead room with a thickness of 100mm, it is possible to determine the true level of stone radioactivity.

Classification control standards for stone radioactivity:

1. Class A products: The scope of use is not limited.

2, B products: not for home decoration, can be used for interior and exterior finishes of buildings.

3. Class C products: can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings.

4. Stones with specific activity greater than Class C can only be used for other purposes such as seawalls, piers and monuments.

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