Analysis of common problems in CITRISURF environmental protection stainless steel passivation

CITRISURF environmental protection stainless steel passivation common problem analysis Guangzhou Xike Trading Co., Ltd. (US CITRISURF China Representative Office)
Q: Why is the turbidity of the newly opened working fluid after heating, affecting the use effect?

A: CITRISURF stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel passivation agent has degreasing effect, degreasing and passivating two-in-one, the product contains special oil-water separation type active agent, and the cloud point is normal when the newly opened working fluid is heated. After use, it will become clear after a period of use. If oil stains on the surface after stopping production, it can be used after salvage.

Q: Why is CITRISURF an environmentally friendly product?

A: The raw materials of CITRISURF products are selected from food medical grade raw materials. The products have passed the US FDA and NSF certification, and the products are passivated by organic acids. The whole department is food medical grade.

Q: How high is the temperature suitable for CITRISURF products?

A: CITRISURF is an organic passivation product. The most suitable temperature is 48 degrees. Generally, it is controlled at 40-50 degrees. It can obtain a stable passivation film. When the working fluid is heated, it should be slowly heated to the specified temperature and then kept. After adding high temperature, cool down to the specified temperature, because high temperature will cause the organic component of the working fluid to be deactivated.

Q: How long does it take for the CITRISURF product to passivate when it is used?

Answer: CITRISURF is organic weak acid passivation. The passivation time is longer than the conventional inorganic strong acid passivation. Generally, the passivation time is 15-25 minutes.

Q: Why does the addition of an ultrasonic cleaner or a circulating filter device to the CITRISURF product increase the passivation effect?

A: CITRISURF products are organic chemicals. When passivation, oxygen is required to participate in passivation film formation. If ultrasonic or circulating filter device is used, the working fluid on the surface of the material can be kept changing, providing sufficient oxygen to participate in film formation, thus forming a dense Membrane, conditional manufacturers recommend the use of ultrasonic or circulating filtration devices.

Q: What water is used in CITRISURF products and water to prepare working fluids?

A: CITRISURF is an organic product. When using the working fluid, try to use pure water. Because the water in some parts of the country has high calcium, magnesium and sodium ions, it is easy to react with the product components during use, and accelerate the loss of passivation activity.

Q: Do I need to pre-process the CITRISURF product artifacts?

A: CITRISURF products have degreasing effect, but the workpieces with heavy oil stains or oxidized black, solder spots and rust spots on the surface need to be pre-treated, degreasing and pickling to remove oil stains and rust spots and scales on the surface of the workpiece. Enter the passivation program.

Q: Why does our working fluid fail after it reaches the cycle?

A: CITRISURF is an organic product. First, use pure water as much as possible when preparing the working fluid. At the same time, pay attention to whether the rinsing is completely clean. For some workpieces with complicated shapes and blind holes, the rinsing time should be extended appropriately. If the workpiece has pre-treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to sufficient rinsing to prevent the residue from being brought into the passivation working fluid, resulting in premature failure of the working fluid.

Q: Why is there a water mark on the surface of the workpiece after passivation?

A: Check whether it is pure water preparation, whether the concentration is too high, after the workpiece is passivated, it is recommended to increase the water cutting device, the baking temperature can be properly increased, the water is quickly removed, and the water mark is eliminated.

Q: How long after the passivation can I do the salt spray test?

A: It is recommended to carry out the salt spray test after being placed for 24 hours after passivation. The organic passivation film has a passivation film curing process, which is more objective after 24 hours.

Q: How high is the passivation baking temperature first?

Answer: If it is not treated after passivation, it is recommended to use 100-120 °C after passivation. If it needs to be sprayed or sealed after passivation, it can be used within 200 °C.

Q: How to choose CIRIGSURF corresponding passivation products according to materials when passivating?

A: The general case of passivation treatment 3 series stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel can choose CITRISURF3050. 4 series stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel can choose CITRISURF3250 (except 420) 420 material should choose CITRISURF2450. Precipitation hardening stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel 17-4 can be selected from 3250 or 2450. Special steel models can consult CITRISURF South China General Generation Guangzhou Sien Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. related after-sales service engineers.

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