Kitchen and ceiling kitchen ceiling what material is good

Kitchen bathroom decoration is the highlight of the entire renovation, so pay special attention to the choice of materials, the following with Xiaobian look at the selection of materials need to pay attention to what?

The construction of ceilings in kitchens and toilets has always been a difficulty in home decoration, because the humidity is relatively large, and there are fumes and odors. Therefore, proper materials and reasonable construction methods can be used to reduce the trouble for your future life. In the actual construction process, waterproof coatings, PVC sheets and aluminum-plastic panels are commonly used materials in kitchen bathroom ceilings. In the construction of waterproof coatings, there are features such as convenient construction and low cost, and diverse colors. However, the decorative effects are the same. After long-term use, there are local shedding and fading, and the performance is also unstable. Currently, it is rarely used. In the ceiling profile is a transitional product.

In recent years, the material that has gradually become popular is the aluminum alloy ceiling, rich in color and colorful, long-term use will not fade, fire prevention, conducive to recycling, environmental protection without pollution.


For ceiling construction in kitchens and toilets, choosing the right material is only the first step. The main process of the construction is the setting of the exhaust and moisture removal system, so that the indoor damp air can be discharged in a timely manner. On the one hand, it can be protected. Good ceiling material and its structure can also effectively protect the growing electrical equipment in the kitchen and bathroom, and provide more convenience for your cleaning work.

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