Hefei Research Institute Synthesizes New High-energy Conversion Nitrogen Hydrogen Compounds

Hefei Research Institute Synthesizes New High-energy Conversion Nitrogen Hydrogen Compounds

Recently, researchers at the Institute for Extreme Environment Quantum Physics, Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, successfully synthesized new nitrogen-hydrogen compounds. The material has excellent energy conversion efficiency and is of great significance in the application of energy substances. The results were published online on June 5 in the Journal of Chemical Physics (Vol.142, Issue 21).

Nitrogen-hydrogen compounds have extremely high energy conversion efficiencies and less environmental pollution, and have potential application value in the development of energy materials. In addition, nitrogen and hydrogen compounds may also be the main components of the internal materials of giant planets such as Uranus and Neptune. Understanding the structure of the high pressure phase is an urgent need for current planetary geological research. However, in addition to ammonia, other compounds with NN bonds are generally metastable. For a long time, the synthesis of stable nitrogen and hydrogen compounds has been a challenging topic.

Alexander Goncharov, a specialist of the Thousand Talents program outside the Solid Institute, and his team used diamonds to press anvil high pressure technology to change the intermolecular interactions and induce chemical reactions of the N2 and H2 mixture in the pressure chamber. The in-situ high-pressure Raman and infrared spectroscopy were used to identify the single-phase fluid structure under 9-11GPa pressure and the solid phase under higher pressure. When the pressure is above 47 GPa, Raman and infrared spectroscopy show new NN and NH vibration modes and change over time. Subsequently, the team cleverly combined the femtosecond photochemical experimental technique with the diamond anvil high pressure device and used femtosecond laser pulses to induce NH chemical reactions. It was found that similar NN and NH vibration modes can be induced at a lower pressure of 11 GPa with the participation of optical pulses.

And when the pressure retreats to 3.5 GPa, the solid NH compound in the irradiated area still exists, and the unirradiated area around it shows a liquid. The researchers further revealed that the novel nitrogen-hydrogen structural material is NxH (0.5) through high-voltage synchrotron radiation and first-principles settlement.

This is another important discovery by Alexander Goncharov following the synthesis of new forms of NaCl at high temperatures and pressures. This work has important research value in the fields of preparation of new energy materials, planetary geology and other fields. The project is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the “1000-person Project” of foreign professionals.

Antifreezer/Coolant Additive Package Corrosion Inhibitor


Product Introduction

Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor Package is transparent liquid, as a kind of Additive Package, it is a kind of organic green environment protection type additive. It has good corrosion inhibiting performance to metals, such as soldering tin, cast aluminum, cast iron, copper, steel, ect. It has the characteristic of easily use, high production efficiency, low production cost, ect. The test result meet the national and international standard.



Mainly for producing ethylene glycol type low and high load engine coolant/antifreezer.


Its produced coolant products can meet national and international standard.

National standard: GB29743-2013, NB/S 0521-2010

International standard:US ASTM D3306, ASTM D6210, SAE J1034; Japan JISK2234;UK BS6580


Its produced coolant features

Suitable for producing long life engine coolant, it has good corrosion inhibiting performance for various metals in engine cooling system.

Specially have good protection on aluminium alloy, the corrosion damage caused by the cavitation corrosion and the scaling of the heat transfer surface can be avoided.

When the temperature is high in summer, can effectively prevent boiling.

Avoid incrustant, avoid lowering the function of radiator, prolong the engine cooling system life.


Coolant production handle method

Put ethylene glycol and deionized water into mix tank to mix, during the process add organic (semi-organic) type additive package to stir evenly.

When the product is qualified by test, then add anti-foam agent and pigment, then get finished product.


Metal strip corrosion 336 hours, meet standard SH/T0085 , test resut




Quality Index

Test Result






Purple Copper





Yellow Copper










Cast Iron





Soldering Tin





Cast Aluminium








Aluminium pump cavitation corrosion, cast aluminium heating transfer corrosion test result











Quality Index

Test Result






Aluminium pump cavitation corrosion



More than 8


Cast aluminium heating transfer corrosion  mg/cm2


Less than 1.0



Package, storage and transportation

Packaged in plastic drum, N.W. 250KGS/drum.

Stored and transported as non-dangerous goods, stored in cool, dry and ventilated place.

Organic Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor Package

Organic Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor Package

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