Wing gate combined with intelligent ticket checking system

Today's Wing Gate manufacturer Anhui Linbo Technology shares with you, the application of wing gates and other gates in different places, how should we better choose applications. And how to use the smart ticketing system to play management statistics.

Wing gate system features:

Smart IC Card: The system uses a non-contact smart card, also known as a radio frequency card, successfully solves many problems such as multiple use of a card, confidentiality, no wear, easy operation, etc., which greatly improves the practicality of the system.

Expansion facilitates the use of RS485 bus communication between the computer and smart wing gates, thus facilitating expansion. That is, when a corresponding control system is installed, if it is necessary to increase the number of smart wing gates, the hardware only needs to add a corresponding smart wing gate, and the software can set new devices.

Off-line operation: The smart wing gate can not only be connected to the computer but also can work offline. According to the parameters downloaded by the system, the smart wing gate automatically determines whether the IC card is valid, determines whether to open the gate, and stores the opening gate in memory. Can be equipped with a smart card reading department, using the optical principle to control the rotation of the shaft, there is no requirement for the delay of the received signal, and it will be reset immediately after being turned; the power-off lever/manual lever can be selected. The control hosting with RS485 communication interface can be expanded to directly control the wing gate through software, which is convenient for centralized control and control of large-scale channel systems. With counting function, display through the external screen can facilitate the management of human traffic. In view of the functional characteristics of the wing gate, the wing gate brake system is a very good choice for the scenic ticketing system park ticketing system swimming pool admission system gymnasium system.

Wing gate selection Wing gate manufacturers can basically provide functions and parameters of the gate are basically introduced before, gate machine equipment selection, according to different places, the application of the gate is different, such as wing gate, wing gate, swing gate The functions and characteristics of the system are different. The following are the main functional features of the wing gate system. I hope that it will be helpful for everyone to choose the channel management system equipment:

Wing gate application features facilitate fast: read and write cards, one at a time. With the authorized IC card, the wing flap gate opening and closing can be completed in front of the smart wing gate reader. The reader has no direction, and the reading and writing time is 0.1 second, which is convenient and quick.

Security: Use the background or local authentication, authorized distribution, the uniqueness of identity, that is, the card can only be used in the system, security and confidentiality.

Reliability: card radio frequency induction, not chaotic and reliable, their own judgment, thinking ability.

Flexibility: The system can flexibly set access control staff authority, time period control, cardholder validity and blacklist reporting, add card and other functions.

Versatility: Through authorization, the user card can be used for "card" management such as parking, attendance, access control, patrol, and consumption, and it can easily realize the simplicity of multiple cards: easy installation, simple wiring, full software Chinese interface, and convenient operation.

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