Huajing micro-drilling: creating an ecological industry chain to create a win-win cooperation platform

Abstract [China Superhard Materials News] Due to the downturn of the macro economy, China's superhard materials industry is facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges. In order to integrate the superior resources of China's superhard materials industry and create an industrial eco-industrial chain that adapts to the trend of the times, on August 14, Henan Province...
[China's superhard materials network news] Due to the impact of macroeconomic downturn, China's superhard materials industry is facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges, in order to integrate China's superhard materials industry's superior resources and create an industry eco-industrial chain that adapts to the trend of the times. On the 14th of the month, Henan Yuxing Huajing Micro-Drilling Co., Ltd. held the theme of “Building an Eco-industrial Chain to Create a Cooperation, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win Platform”, and guided the spirit of “Complementary Cooperation, Win-Win, and Risk Sharing”. Diamond Micro Powder Industry Eco-Industry Chain Conference. Nearly 30 representatives from diamond production enterprises from Yucheng and Zhangzhou attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Zhang Hongtao, general manager of Huajing Micro-Drilling Company. Shi Chao, general manager of China Superhard Materials Network, and a reporter from the website were invited to participate in the meeting.
Huajing micro-drill pointed out at the meeting: In order to promote the healthy development of China's super-hard materials industry, accelerate the pace of entering the international market and opening up the high-end market, China's diamond industry products must undergo structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and should continuously strive to carry out technological innovation and further improve product quality. In this difficult time of the industry, Huajing Micro Diamond is willing to build a platform of “complementary advantages, cooperation and win-win”, and use its multi-faceted resource advantages to help and promote the overall progress of industry enterprises. Huajing micro-drilling will not only use its own technological advantages to help industry enterprises to carry out technological innovation, but also use new ideas and new concepts to lead industry enterprises to make progress together in green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. General Manager Zhang Hongtao also put forward the strategy of strengthening the ecological development and sustainable development strategy, and proposed to create an environmentally-friendly conscience enterprise for future generations. In order to achieve this goal, Huajing Micro-Drilling Co., Ltd. decided to provide each strategic partner with the most advanced purification technology in the world.

In addition, Huajing Microdrills put forward strict product standards during the meeting and established a comprehensive incentive and reward system to maximize the number of substantive incentives to encourage enterprises to double product quality and technological innovation. Upgrade.

Representatives of the participating companies also agreed with Huajing Micro-Drilling's development strategy of “complementary advantages, cooperation and win-win”, and are willing to make progress together with Huajing micro-drills to continuously improve the technological level and improve product quality. The participating companies expressed their gratitude to Huajing Microdrill for building such a platform for cooperation and win-win.

China Superhard Materials Network believes that the convening of this conference has positive significance for China's diamond micro-powder industry resource integration, improving industry product quality, and leading the industry's product transformation and upgrading.

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