Repair of spool of main control valve group of WY32 excavator

Replacing the spool of the main control valve group of the 32-type excavator The Liutaijia 32 excavator has a weak and drooping phenomenon during the construction process. At first, it was suspected that the hydraulic cylinder was leaking, but the phenomenon of failure still existed after the replacement of the piston combination seal. After the pressure test, it was thought that it was due to the leakage of the valve core of the combination valve group. In order to verify the above judgment, we will remove the valve assembly and clean it, and turn its control valve toward. Place flat and then inject kerosene into each control port. After about 2,1, it was found that the liquid level on the oil port dropped significantly. The valve group was reset by the spring and the control port should be in the closed state when it was in the neutral position. It can be confirmed that the valve group has internal leakage. To this end, we have developed the following reworked repair program to disassemble the parts and remove the screw at the end cap of the valve core. In this order, remove the parts in order and protect the sealing ring on the valve core from damage and clean the numbers.

The actual size of the outer diameter of the valve plug was measured with a diamtrical scale. The grinding was repaired according to the measured size of the valve hole 0=28.,6. Two grinding bars were finished with 45 steel. The dimensions were determined as =28.03, and must =28.04 , And in the rod of the forward and reverse car slot width and groove depth are l1.5mm thread groove; In addition, the fine grinding root diameter = 28.05mm light rod for final testing. The kerosene is immersed in the valve hole to be ground by about 1 and then coated with alumina abrasive in the thread groove of the 0=28., 3, process grinding rod, and the forward and reverse whirl and rotation of the insert valve hole is performed. After 1.5 stop; pull out the grinding rod, clean and detect the size of the rod and the hole; using a grinding rod with a diameter of life = 28.04mm, grind again about the over-cleaning valve hole after measuring the hole size of the valve, no phenomenon of increasing; finally , with 0 = 28., 5 sleep detection rod supplemented with kerosene lubrication insert valve hole twitch, if the hand feels suction and blockage, the study with the better.

Example preparation of electroplating solution, brush plating method in the face of the valve chrome plating, plating thickness of 50.71 to grind the valve hole actual size must = 28.06 as a benchmark fine grinding valve core, so that the final size control in the ratio = 2806, 1 within a range of 0.010.015 1.

During the repair process, attention should be paid to the following matters. When grinding the valve hole, pay attention to the force evenly and do not touch the temperature of the rod body and observing the change of the color of the grinding rod surface to prevent the valve hole from being enlarged or out of round. According to the material of the valve core and the thickness of the plating layer, a suitable plating solution should be prepared to ensure the quality of the plating layer. In the process of brush plating, the valve core should be kept clean and ensure that it can rotate at a constant speed so that the coating is even and the adhesion is strong.

The leak test installation will be performed after the parts are cleaned and assembled in order. The leaks will be tested by the above-mentioned injection of kerosene. After about two years, the oil level at the valve port will be observed without any significant drop.

After the valve group was reassembled and tested, the pressure indicators returned to normal and the failure disappeared.

The main reasons for the slow operation of the excavator are the serious internal leakage of the actuator hydraulic cylinder motor, etc.; the plugging of the filter element and the lack of oil; the valve plug and the valve seat of the reversing valve are seriously worn; the safety valve is stuck or damaged; Cai Zhuoguang's pilot control of the oil pressure is not enough. The directional valve stem pressure is not in place; there is a fault inside the hydraulic pump.

After analysis and inspection, the first five reasons were eliminated. Then the hydraulic pump was dismantled, and it was found that there was no sense of compression at the two ends of the variable shaft that directly controlled the swash plate of the hydraulic pump. The variable shaft was removed and the roundness error was found to be 0.05. Mm, but with a large gap between them, causing a serious leak, so that the swash plate can not swing to the maximum position, resulting in slow movement of the excavator.

The repair method cuts the shaft holes at the two ends of the shell to achieve the required roundness; and turns the variable shaft, then sprays, and finally finishes the grinding, so that the clearance between the hole and the back hole is 3, after the above processing, the retest machine is installed, The problem has been solved.

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