What are the classifications of Luban locks?

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Do you know how many classifications of Luban locks? According to the 榫卯 structure, the folks gradually touched the bypass, and on the basis of the standard Kongming lock, many other difficult Kongming locks were derived. The types are complex and varied. The following are the 13 types that are generally more common:
What are the classifications of Luban locks?
Classification of Luban Lock
1, the size of the hole lock
2, four seasons lock
3, Kong Ming chain lock
4, twelve-party lock
5, square lock (square angle Luban ball)
6, twenty-four locks (class A and B)
7, eighteen hook lock
8, sister ball
9, six-party lock
10, fourteen arrogant lock
11, small pineapple
12, three three knots (big pineapple)
13, three eight knots

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