Lighting Dream Bedroom Lighting Solutions

The bedroom is used as a place for us to sleep and the environment of the bedroom should be adapted to our preferences and styles, so as to highlight the main functions of the bedroom rest. Therefore, in order to create a comfortable rest environment, the arrangement of the lamps should be based on warmth. The overall feeling should give us a feeling of quietness and leisure. The lights should not be too eye-catching, and the styling should not be dazzled. This issue of Xiao Bian will introduce you to the details of the installation and purchase of bedroom lighting.

First, bedroom lighting installation principles

1, warm with a suitable amount of white light source is better

Home feng shui soft installation generally pay attention to the use of light color, that is, changes in color between cold and warm. The five elements of the color match home focus on the warm and cold mix, and the home is mainly yang, so the lighting color should also be based on warm light. Lighting red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple seven, red, orange, yellow light source for the warm light, green, blue, blue, purple cold light source, cold light source gives a mysterious, dreamy feeling. With yang as the main body and a suitable amount of white light source, it is most suitable for people to live.

2. Do not use red light in the bedroom

In the bedroom, it is generally not appropriate to choose a red light and a neon light with large flashes for decoration, which is easy to cause unrest. Some newlyweds, in order to increase romance, press a red light bulb on the bed or on the dressing table. This is a taboo and can easily lead to derailment of one or both parties. There is a red light in the child's bedroom, and the child is prone to impatient and easy to use. There is a phenomenon of early love and puppy love. This must be taken care of.

3, yellow light main lucky

The five elements of yellow belong to the soil, and from the perspective of the five elements, gold is born from the earth. This determines the lucky sign of the yellow light. So many people like to install a yellow light at home.

4, the bedroom lighting should not be too gorgeous, the lighting can not be too dazzling, mainly soft light-based, giving a warm feeling, play a role in helping sleep.

In the choice of style of lighting, it should be consistent with the overall home design style. Of course, choosing a good lighting can also help. Classical lighting, such as classical lighting, with a classical charm, simple and connotative, from the town house role, can help the owner of the cause of transport; fashion lighting design, modern sense of strong, help people progress, promote the role of financial. Crystal material lighting, elegant luxury, bright stars, can play Wangcai, increase the role of the home gas field.

5, the number of bedroom lighting is mainly in the singular

The number of lamps in the bedroom should be better than the odd number, but when the spotlights are illuminated in a row, care should be taken not to tie them up with three lights so as not to resemble the three aromas and to form a bad morality.

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