Cloud remote control decoration instructions

Thank you for choosing the "e-control" series of cloud remote controllers produced by Zhengzhou Chunquan Energy Conservation Co., Ltd., which is a perfect combination with supporting APPs to realize "cloud awareness", "cloud management", "cloud upgrade" and other services to make your air conditioners No longer limited by time and space, it is easy to control and enjoy high quality of life.

Product Features

(1) Mobile App Management;

(2) Wireless access WiFi;

(3) Indoor temperature monitoring;

(4) Human induction;

(5) timer switch;

(6) Customize learning and downloading functions. Technical parameters Technical parameters <br> <br>







communication method

WiFi-2.4G b/g/n

Power supply

USB 5.0V

Self-consumption power

≤ 2W

Communication distance

≤ 40 meters (empty environment)

Temperature sensor


Temperature accuracy


Connection prompt


Installation method

Desktop flat or mounted



working environment

Humidity <80%

Housing material

ABS flame retardant material

Installation Notes

The installation height is preferably 2 to 3 meters above the ground. Adjust the tilt angle of the infrared sensor, and the front (black side) of the cloud controller is aligned with the air conditioner that needs to be controlled.

2. Connect the USB cable with the cloud remote control and insert the power plug into the socket.

3. The traffic lights at the bottom of the USB port are flashing, and two “drip” sounds are emitted to indicate that the power of the cloud remote control is successful. There are three buttons at the bottom of the cloud remote control;

No. 1 key: no-person delay off time selection, according to the following methods can be cycled, you can set the length of no one off, the longest can be set to shut down after 45 minutes.

Press "#1" once to send a "drop" sound, no one is shut down;

Press "#1" again to send a "drop, drop" tone. No one turns off after 15 minutes.

Press "#1" again to send a "drop, drip, drip" tone. No one will shut down after 30 minutes.

Press "#1" again to send a "drop, drip, drip, drip" sound. No one shuts down after 45 minutes.

Press "#1" again to send a "drop" sound, and go to step (1);

No. 2 key: invalid standby.

No. 3 key: WiFi one-key configuration operation, according to A, B two modes of operation.

Software Installation

After the cloud remote controller is installed, log in to the web site ( or scan the QR code to download the WiFi one-click configuration software and the APP application software (personal edition). After the download is successful, one is in the mobile interface as WiFi. One-key configuration software, spring-spring word icon for the App application software.

WIFI a key installation 1, open the phone's WiFi, select the router you want to access, enter the password, connect the router;

2. Adjust the location of the router to ensure that the WiFi signal strength of the cloud remote controller is more than 3 cells (put the mobile phone in the position of the cloud remote control and check the WiFi signal strength of the mobile phone to confirm);

3, WiFi one key configuration provides A, B two modes. The WiFi signal is strong, and the A mode is preferred; the WiFi signal is weak, and the mobile phone is close to the cloud remote controller, and the B mode is selected.

4, A mode configuration: Open the WiFi one-click configuration software, enter the interface; click "One-key configuration A mode" to enter the interface; select "cloud remote control" icon, in the SSID location, click "" in the pop-up drop-down box Select the router to be connected (must be consistent with the name of the router connected to the mobile phone), enter the password at the password, and click “Next”; use the 3 key of the cloud remote control with a fine needle to enter the configuration status, click “Down "One step"; click "Start Configuration"; during configuration, do not do any operation, wait until the prompt "configuration completed" and exit the WiFi one-click configuration software, skip to the "APP installation and registration" step.

Mobile phone download and install APP application software (Personal Edition)

1. Click the spring icon on the mobile phone interface to enter the App login interface; for the first time use, click on “new user registration” to enter the user registration interface. Fill in according to the actual situation and click "Submit" to return to the login interface. Login interface, enter the mobile phone number (login account), automatically obtain the project name according to the account, enter the password, click on "Login", select "split air conditioner" on the prompt interface, enter the interface: device number: view the remote control bottom label, ID 12-bit;

Air conditioning brand: select from the list, if not or enter it yourself;

Air Conditioner Model: Select from the list, if not, or enter it yourself;

Air Conditioning Location: Installation location for air conditioning. Such as living room, dining room, etc., or 201 room, 211 office, etc.;

Verification code: Press the box to display the input. After entering the above information, click "Submit", and select according to the prompt information (If you continue to register the device, click "OK", otherwise click "Cancel" to exit and log in again).

2, in the login screen, enter your mobile phone number (login account), automatically obtain the project name, enter the password, click "Login";

3. If you need to add, modify or delete the air conditioning information, click on the “my air conditioning” icon to enter my air conditioning interface.

4. Delete or modify the air conditioning information, long press the device number, enter the management information interface, click “modify” to modify the air conditioning information, or click “delete” to delete the air conditioning information;

5, add air conditioning information, in the "my air conditioning" interface, click the "register" icon in the upper right corner, enter the air conditioning registration.

6. Select the switch air conditioner in the initial login interface to remotely control your registered air conditioner.


The company promises that the cloud remote control will be replaced within one year from the date of shipment.

Human damage during transportation, installation and use is not covered by the warranty.

Demolition and other private seal damage, not pre-warranty.

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