The balcony wall tiles posted many high best Huang Xiaoming tips: how to choose the right tile

Wall tiles (referred to as wall tiles) are suitable for the decoration of toilets, kitchens and outdoor balconies. Wall tiles are an effective way to protect walls from water splashes. They are used not only for walls, but also for the decoration of the edges of windows and doors. It is also an interesting decorative element. Used for decorative wall tiles at the baseboard. It is not only beautiful but also protects the wall base from being soiled by shoes or stools. Tiles for pools and bathrooms should be aesthetically pleasing, moisture-proof and wear-resistant. Recently, some netizens have asked: Is it better to have a balcony wall tile ? What color is appropriate for the balcony wall tiles? I believe this is one of the topics that many consumers will encounter. Don't worry, if you're still fretting about the balcony tile , it's better to follow it with me.

Balcony wall tile introduction

Tiles include inner wall tiles and ceramic tiles. According to the professional standards of ceramics, tiles are ceramic tiles with a water absorption rate higher than 10%. Tiles often suffer from defects such as glazed surface cracking and poor water seepage during use. The design of the tile from the upper wall, the lower wall, the middle flower, and the waistline has become the "symbol" of the tile decoration. At present, as China's architectural ceramics enterprises have gradually had a certain degree of technical strength and equipment investment base, they have improved a level to research and develop ceramic tiles. Continuous innovation, so the increase of the tiles of the variables, the use of tricks dazzling, enough to constitute a "tile thirty-six dollars."

Balcony wall tiles posted high

If the balcony wall tiles are not affixed to the ceiling, they will be about 1.5 meters high. If they are affixed to the top, they will only be about 3 meters. There is no clear rule that some communities will arrange the balcony wall tiles for the sake of beauty. height. However, if it is a personal decoration, it is better to stick it to the top.


Balcony wall tiles choose what color is good

Due to the bright light on the balcony, especially the balcony with a good orientation, plus the balcony is a rest and cool clothes room, you need a relaxed atmosphere, so it is better to use a lighter color to put a wall tile on the balcony. For example, light yellow, white, beige, light black and so on. However, it is not suitable to use dark colors such as big red, dark brown, etc.

How to choose the balcony wall tiles

If it is an enclosed balcony, you can choose the same vitrified tile as the interior after you open the room. If the balcony is not packaged, you can use a good waterproof tile, if you need to dry clothes on the balcony, you should use non-slip floor tiles as the first choice.

1) brick

The surface of the brick body will not be glazed, and its front and back surfaces are the same, so it is called whole body brick. The brick is very wear-resistant, but its color is much worse than glazed tiles. It is generally applied to floors such as halls, aisles, and outdoor walkways and is rarely used on walls.

2) Glazed tiles

Glazed tile refers to the surface of the brick after the glaze treatment. The pattern of glazed tiles is more abundant than polished tiles, and it acts as an antifouling. However, because of the glaze used on the surface of the glazed tile, it does not wear polished tiles. The scope of application of glazed tiles: kitchen, bathroom balcony and so on.

3) polished tiles

Polished bricks refer to bricks that have been polished and polished. Compared with the flatness of the whole brick, the polished tile is much smoother. The hardness of the polished tile is very high and it is also very wear-resistant. Based on the application of the infiltration technology, the polished tile can make a lot of effect of imitating stone and imitating wood.


It is more suitable for other rooms except bathroom, kitchen.

4) Glass tiles

Vitrified brick refers to a brick made from quartz sand and mud that has been burned in a certain proportion. It is polished and polished, but without polishing, it is the hardest of all tiles. Vitrified tiles are a kind of polished tiles. Its scope of application is the living room, bedroom, and aisles and so on.

5) Mosaic

Mosaic is a very special brick. It is composed of many different small bricks. It is very acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, wear-resistant, and very resistant to pressure. Its use is very extensive: indoor small area, wall or outdoor wall, ground and so on.

6), green tiles

The world is talking about environmental protection, and modern civilization also reminds people to think more about their own safety while protecting the environment. At the same time as reducing the cost, ceramic tile manufacturers must not reduce the quality of raw materials. When consumers purchase tiles, they are also concerned about whether the products they purchase meet the requirements of environmental protection and whether the radiation level exceeds the human body's ability to bear. This way, it also allows more ceramic tile manufacturers to conduct green qualification certification, allowing consumers to buy more at ease.

7) Large size tiles

Now that residents are buying more and more area, small-size tiles can no longer meet the requirements of homes. Indoor wall tiles are generally more common than 250×360mm, and living room floors are generally not smaller than 500×500mm. If the living room area exceeds 40 square meters, the requirements for floor tiles are even greater.

8) Art tiles

Six years ago, family tiled tiles had barely heard of tiles and waistlines. Nowadays, people's requirements for tile color and style have evolved from the traditional sense of flat tiles, simple flowers and trees to the development of three-dimensional tiles and three-dimensional patterns. A set of Midland series 250×360mm indoor wall tiles produced by Suzhou Roman Tiles Co., Ltd. inlaid a noble and elegant blue gemstone on its simple and clear line pattern of plain bricks, making the original inconspicuous tiles suddenly rich. And generous.

9), composite tiles

Wood grain, glass, stone, resin and even stainless steel all combine with ceramic tiles to varying degrees.

How to choose the right tile style?

European style

If your family is European style, the choice method from the European closure of the hand is the starting point for most families to start. You can choose some warm colors, yellow, gold, patterns more tiles on the wall, adding to the atmosphere and embellishment of the entire house.

Simple style

If your family is a simple style, then you may wish to consider some very common, very simple, or very vague pattern tiles, black and white can be, this tile in the house, secretly set off your taste, to remember , Common tiles used here is a simple way to send oh.

Chinese style

If your family is Chinese style, you can choose some red, red, or yellow tiles, which can be selected on the pattern of Chinese traditional culture such as back print, algae print, Chinese character, etc. The taste is very strong , directly embellish the theme. The imitation wood grain tiles that are coming out are also very popular.

farmhouse style

If your family is rustic, huh, then pink, pink green, white, and tender yellow are preferred. The pattern is of course lace, sinkers, waves, etc. If you like nature, you can also choose the color of the wood tiles, carry out a copy, create a pastoral, you're worse than your choice.

Mediterranean style

If your family is in the Mediterranean style, this style is rather simple and the choice can be blue, white, earth, yellow, or even brown. Blue sky, white clouds and land are undoubtedly the embodiment of the Mediterranean. A love of life.

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