What if the security door key cannot be pulled out? How to pull the security door key

What if the security door key cannot be pulled out? Security doors are something that every family will have. Because people are more vigilant now, they will install security doors at home. So sometimes when the door is open, the key to the security door will not be pulled out. What should be done at this time? This is a problem that everyone is more concerned about. If you don’t use the key, you can change the lock, which will waste money. There are simple ways to try it out. Then how to do if the security door is unlocked? ? Next, Xiaobian on this website will introduce how to pull the security door key.

First of all, the anti-theft door cannot be pulled out. Generally speaking, it is not in a good position. Some of them are caused by the dislocation of the anti-theft door lock cylinder. When the lock cylinder emerges outward after returning, it can be pressed by hand. The hand can be pulled out again with the activity key. So don't worry when the keys aren't coming out, because the more you are anxious, the more you can't pull them out. When the keys aren't coming out, try the above method.

Second, you can use leather care agent, spray on the key, the key is easier to pull out, or poured into pencil ink, lubricant, the key is not out of the key is to use a pencil to end irrigation, this is easy opened. If it is such a mechanical product, sometimes it will inevitably be stuck. At this time, it will be screwed to the head in the direction that it can be screwed, and then it will be quickly screwed back and pressed inwards. It will come out in one turn. If you still can not pull out the above points have been used this time you can find the help of the locksmith. After all, Master Locksmith is very professional.

How to do if the anti-theft door key cannot be extracted? The above points are summarized in this website's Xiao Bian. I believe we will have a certain understanding after reading it, so that everyone can be very rational when they encounter the same problem. Will not blindly act, it will reduce a lot of unnecessary losses.

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