Mahogany furniture is involved in rising prices

Since the beginning of 2011, the market has shown that the price of mahogany furniture has continued to rise all the way, and the mahogany operators in many places across the country have also experienced a wave of expansion. "The price has risen by 30%." Last week, a store manager at a mahogany furniture store in Huaiyuan said that 30% is generally speaking. The price of some precious wood mahogany furniture has risen by more than 50%, and even turned over. After a while, the rising trend of mahogany furniture prices will continue.

Non-rare wood has been rising

"The ebony wood dining tables that sold 30,000 to 40,000 yuan in 2006 are now more than 50,000, and the price increase trend has been obvious this year. This price change is more sensitive in the south." A redwood operator said that in the first half of this year, chicken wing wood, The rosewood furniture of rosewood and other common materials has reached 25% ~ 30%. The price of non-rare hardwood furniture has risen all the way, pushing the price of rosewood furniture to a higher level overall.

According to the price list of a well-known mahogany furniture in China, from September 2009 to September 2011, the prices of several major mahogany furniture products increased by 3 to 5 times, showing a new round The price has soared. The price of rosewood furniture rose much higher than the price of gold during the same period. It is understood that between 2005 and 2009, the price of mahogany rose from the high mountain to the bottom of the valley. Since September 2009, as the impact of the international financial crisis has weakened, the mahogany market has rapidly heated up. A price list of mahogany furniture shows: Vietnam Huanghuali furniture sells for 859 yuan / kg, and Xiaoye red sandalwood furniture sells for 689 RMB / kg, Laos red rosewood furniture sells for 179 RMB / kg, and African chicken wing furniture sells for 89 RMB / kg. As of September 2011, Huanghuali furniture is priced at 4,499 yuan / kg, Xiaoye red sandalwood furniture is priced at 2,899 yuan / kg, Laos red rosewood furniture is 699 yuan / kg, and chicken wing wood furniture is 389 yuan / kg. Price increases range from 3 to 5 times. From the price list, since 2010, the price has been adjusted almost once a month, and all of them have increased.

Rare wood has doubled

In the thrust of rising prices of non-rare mahogany products, price changes are more prominently reflected in rare wood.

It is understood that the same set of dining tables is used as an example. A set of 7 sets of Huanghuali, which was priced at 80,000 yuan in the autumn of 2006, currently has a price tag exceeding 180,000 yuan. At present, the rosewood furniture of rare materials such as Huanghuali and Red Sandalwood in Vietnam has the largest increase.

From the perspective of more operators, the African red sandalwood furniture with better materials on the market has also increased by about 50% compared with last year. "On the one hand, the mahogany material is decreasing year by year, on the other hand, the market demand is relatively concentrated this year, the price of mahogany furniture is bound to rise, this momentum will become more apparent." In the antique tourism market in Huaiyuanmen, a mahogany furniture Collectors said that the old things are not rising as fast as the new ones. On the one hand, because the old things market is not as active as the new things, the price trend is not obvious; on the other hand, the good things are rarely seen in the world, and it is difficult to say that there are price guidelines. On the contrary, the mahogany furniture currently used in the home is sold well, the price is good, now the rich people buy the whole set, and the money is almost willing to spend 20,000 or 30,000 to buy a good chair to go back to play, it is not that the experts have few to watch Whether it came out old or new.

Raw materials are getting tighter

"In the past years, wood was occasionally not found, but this year is the second time that wood is not available." The person in charge of Zhejiang Dongyang Yihongmu Carving Factory said in an interview that the shortage of mahogany raw materials used for furniture and handicraft processing is serious this year. When they receive orders from customers, they often miscarry because there is no supply of wood raw materials. "Our mahogany raw materials are generally imported from Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America, but the frequent tsunami has affected the supply of wood." The source said, this not only increased transportation costs, but also caused extensive damage to Chenglin mahogany.

Because of this, the price of African rosewood logs has increased from 120,000 yuan / cubic meter at the end of last year to about 200,000 yuan / cubic meter. "And it's still rising every day, one price a day."

This is why the price of mahogany furniture has been rising all the way. The mahogany furniture is favored by consumers. The main factor is the material of the wood. One tree is cut and there is one less. The growth cycle of mahogany is longer, 100, 200 years or even longer. Nowadays, Hainan Huanghua pear is almost gone. Consumers know how much the price was ten years ago, and consumers know what the price was ten years later. Such a comparison is faster than stock appreciation. The mahogany made of furniture is easier to maintain. The better it is, the better it is.

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