The arrival of the rational era of the wardrobe industry

The past of the wardrobe industry can be summarized with a "small" word. First, our industry scale is relatively small, and it occupies a small proportion in the entire furniture and building materials industry. Second, the scale of the enterprise is not large. Even the leading Sofia wardrobes had a total sales of less than 500 million yuan in 2006, and most wardrobe companies did not exceed 100 million yuan. Third, the industry has little influence. We often see that the furniture and home appliance industries hold a variety of events, and their scale and influence are great. However, there is almost no movement in the wardrobe industry.

Now the situation of the industry has changed qualitatively, which can be summarized with a word "hot". The wardrobe exhibition and the industry annual meeting have made a huge impact, and the programs are rich. Last year, the number of people participating in the Guangzhou Annual Industry Conference has soared to thousands, and many government departments have participated. This "heat" is manifested in several aspects:

The first aspect is "cross-border fever". Strong sanitary ware, floor, furniture and kitchen appliance companies have entered this industry. In the past, brands in the wardrobe industry mainly came from the building materials and cabinet industries. The home appliance industry has several advantages in cross-border: The first is the strong brand recognition, which is more mature and more influential than the wardrobe industry. The second is the high level of marketing in the home appliance industry, with many very talented people. The third is that after the home appliance industry enters the wardrobe industry, kitchen appliances and wardrobes are the whole home, a very good concept. But the wardrobe store is actually a better channel to integrate the era of big home. Home appliances companies usually use wardrobes as matching channels or products when making wardrobes. This is an important reason why many household appliance brands fail to make wardrobes.

A qualitative change in the wardrobe industry will shift from "false heat" to rationality

There is a very unique phenomenon this year. Well-known building materials companies including nature and Wrigley have entered this industry. Traditionally, the wardrobe, bathroom, and floor belong to the building materials channel. Therefore, they have a good channel advantage when entering the wardrobe industry. In addition, the consumer groups of floor, bathroom and wardrobe are highly coincident, which is different from home appliances. At the same time, consumers also highly agree on the timing of purchasing floors, baths, and wardrobes. They often buy cabinets, baths, floors, etc. when buying wardrobe products. Therefore, traditional building materials enterprises make cross-border wardrobes, which makes it easier to interface with end consumers and be recognized by consumers. Traditional building materials companies have many very good points of contact with wardrobes in terms of channels, consumer groups, brands and consumption processes, and should have more advantages than home appliance cross-border brands.

The second aspect is the "investment boom". Wealthy people in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places began to throw a lot of hot money into this industry. They generally invest in capital in two ways, one is to directly create a new brand, and the other is to conduct capital operations on professional wardrobe brands.

The third aspect is "talent fever". The professional superior brands in the wardrobe industry are looking for unconventional development, eager for the support of talents and capital. The capital of super-conventional development companies and cross-border brands are strong. The squeeze and promotion of these two forces have brought excellent talents from various industries into this industry, and also improved the quality of employees. Of course, some "professional managers" in the advanced wardrobe industry have also been heated up, creating a "price bubble".

At present, the movement of the wardrobe industry is relatively large. CCTV can often see advertisements of the wardrobe brand, and can also see more star spokespersons in our industry. Local industry associations actively carry out various activities, including enterprises The mutual visits and exchanges between them, the tandem activities of suppliers and distributors in the upper and lower industry chains, etc.

The current "hot" in the wardrobe industry is somewhat crazy, or somewhat "fake hot", but it will gradually become rational in the future. Its development trend has three major characteristics:

The first is the larger scale of the industry. It will grow at a high speed of more than 35% every year, and its proportion in furniture and building materials will increase.

The second is that some brands will stand out and their business models are becoming more and more mature. The direct sales model, franchise chain model, large home furnishing model, and low-end chain model will give birth to large enterprises and occupy an important position in the market.

The third is that the degree of specialization will be higher and higher. From the perspective of the industry chain, the supply strength of a large number of door panel suppliers, hardware suppliers and countertop suppliers will become stronger and stronger, and manufacturers and distributors will become more and more professional. Sofia already has dealers with annual sales of tens of millions and a team of hundreds of people. This was not available in the past, indicating that the dealer ’s terminal marketing capabilities are strong, including sales, service, training, and management capabilities. Promotion. There will be more and more intelligent institutions like marketing consultants that focus on wardrobes and wardrobes, and they will become stronger and stronger, which will promote the improvement of professional capabilities such as industry strategy, branding, and marketing.

As the business model becomes more mature, the division of specialization becomes more and more detailed, and the scale of leading brands becomes larger and larger, the wardrobe industry is ushering in a good opportunity for rapid development.

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