Basic functions of access control system (1)

1. The single-door controller can be connected to two Wiegand card readers, one in and one out; the two-door controller can be connected to four Wiegand card readers, two in and two out; the four-door controller can be connected to four Wiegand card readers , Swipe the card at the door, use the button to go out.

2. Communication networking method: fully support RS485 and TCP / IP communication methods, and truly fully support LAN and internet WAN communication and management.

3. Adapt to all kinds of electric locks, common are electric mortise lock, magnetic lock, cathode lock, electric control lock, spiritual lock, etc.

4. Each door can store 15,000 registered card permissions, offline storage of 40,000 event records, including card swipe records, button records, door status alarm records, infrared alarm records and fire linkage records. Each piece of swipe record information contains complete information such as whether the card number passed in time and place. If the storage is full, the oldest information will be squeezed out in a stack to save the latest information.

5. Flexible permission management: You can set which doors a person can pass, or a person can pass all doors. You can also set which doors some people can pass through. The setting result can be arranged by door or by person. The user can clearly see who can pass a certain door, or which doors a certain person can pass. It is clear at a glance and can be printed or exported to an Excel report.

6. Time period authority management function: You can set a person to a door, the day of the week can enter the door, you can set six times a day to enter the door; you can set a person to a door, the working day / non-working day can enter the door, set every day You can enter the door during the four periods; it can also be set as a privilege without time restrictions.

7. Offline operation: After uploading through the software settings, the controller will remember all permissions and record all information. Even if the computer software and computer are closed, the system can still operate normally offline and normal, even if the power failure information is never lost.

8. Real-time monitoring record: card swipe event record, button open door event record, door status event record, infrared status event record, fire linkage event record

Card swipe event record: It can monitor the card swipe and entry and exit status of all doors in real time, and can display the photos pre-stored in the computer by the swiping card in real time for the security personnel to check with me. Real-time extraction: the user can automatically extract the records in the controller while monitoring in real time, and upload one to the computer database after swiping one. The real-time records of legal cards are displayed in black, and the records of illegal cards are recorded in red.

Button open event record: This function can record when the button is pressed by someone to open the door. Although it is not possible to keep track of who pressed the button, it is possible to know when someone pressed the button, and when the last person left last night left.
Door status event record: If the door magnetic signal line is connected, the door status monitoring function is started, and the door can be collected in real time. The red display is displayed to remind the security personnel to pay attention. Both single-door and double-door controllers have this function.
Infrared status event record: If an infrared probe is connected, the infrared alarm function is started, and the infrared alarm record can be collected in real time, which is displayed in red to remind the security personnel to pay attention. The single-door controller has this function.
Fire-fighting linkage event record: if connected to the fire-fighting system, when there is a fire alarm signal, the door is fully opened and an event record is generated.

9. Electronic map function (access control monitoring function): If the door magnetic signal line or infrared probe is connected, the user can see at a glance which doors are open and which doors are closed. Which infrared probes at the entrance monitor abnormal alarms. There are indicator lights on the software. The green light indicates that the door status and infrared are normal, and the red light indicates the alarm, which is convenient for reminding security personnel.
Remote door opening function: After receiving the instruction, the administrator can open the electronic map and click a right mouse button to open a door remotely.

10. Forced door closing / forced door opening function: If some doors need to be opened for a long time, they can be set to normally open through the software, and some doors need to be closed for a long time if they do not want anyone to enter, they can be set to normally closed. Or at certain times, such as closing the door to catch a thief, etc., it can also be set to normally closed.

Timed normally open door Timed normally closed function: This function is also called timed task function. Some newly added office occasions such as the embassy of the Civil Affairs Bureau office lobby. The door is required to be opened during working hours during the day, and people who come to work outside can freely enter and leave and get off work at night

Activated Carbon

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Activated Carbon

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