How deep is the price water in the furniture industry-let furniture prices return to value

In recent years, home furnishing companies have frequently used various festivals to launch discount promotions that are not small in order to attract consumers to buy. However, this also makes many people wonder, what is the normal price of furniture? The price of furniture should be consistent with the value, not let the price fly around!

@ 远山 大哥: The wind of discounts is prevalent in the furniture industry. Discounts should be time-based as a means of promotion. Once discounts become normal sales, they lose their meaning and become a method of self-deception. First set the price high, and then return to the original position through discounts, seeking a psychological balance, infringing the consumer ’s right to know the price, and infringing on the interests of consumers who do not pay attention to discounted purchases.

@ 标致 家具-李红光: Discounts are more harmful to the brand itself. There are many ways to promote sales, improve service quality, and genuine promises in exchange for value can increase brand value.

@ 许 惊鸿: Support the establishment of a home furnishing integrity price system! Without a century-old enterprise, there is no world brand whose prices are arbitrarily bargained.

@ 艳丽 啊: When I was a furniture store employee, my boss gave us a principle of letting the price of the product return to its value, especially when working with manufacturers to sell the product. However, this is not a corporate principle, but should be inherited from all front-end producers to back-end sellers.

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