The property market affects the domestic cabinet market

Each round of property market regulation will touch the "nerve" of major industries. Buildings are no longer just a commodity, they involve the interests of many parties, and are more related to the living problems of the people. At the same time, the new policy of the property market at the beginning of the year shocked the downstream cabinet industry, and the advocacy of boutique houses undoubtedly aggravated the reform of the cabinet industry.

Ups and downs, the property market affects multiple industries

For a long time, quality and design have been the two magic weapons for home brands to occupy the market, while cabinet brands lack the necessary marketing and have not cultivated potential loyal customer groups. In addition, for the cabinet industry with many brands and serious regionalization, changes in the market pattern are inevitable, and the cabinet industry is about to usher in an era of brand-sharing.

As we all know, a person's home is mostly composed of living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Each round of adjustment in the property market stimulates many home material suppliers, which is why the adjustment of the property market can touch the nerves of multiple industries. Today, the construction of 10 million affordable housing and the advocacy of boutique rooms will be both a challenge and an opportunity for customized cabinet products.

Challenge refers to that the home of a building may restrict the entry of certain products, thus specifying a certain combination of products, and has strict requirements on the production process of the product. This is undoubtedly a huge challenge for the cabinet industry with immature quality inspection. . Speaking of opportunities, it means that it may break the long-standing DIY simple combination process in the cabinet industry, enabling small-scale mass production or large-scale mass production of cabinet commodities, thus truly setting off a large-scale reform of the cabinet industry.

Thousands of revolutions, a long way for cabinet reform

Of course, the transformation of an industrial chain is not easy. If there are no new policies promulgated, market demand changes and other internal and external factors, the cabinet industry will continue to develop according to the original trajectory. However, it is worth noting that the cabinet industry seems to have figured out the industry's development laws. Many home appliances and building materials portals have appeared in many cabinet brand advertisements. Major localized brands have begun to expand the scope of "enclosures" and implemented the strategy of eroding their neighbors-"first around, then the whole country."

This seemingly single bombing strategy, on the one hand, promotes the growth of the enterprise itself, on the one hand, consumers can also buy more environmentally safe cabinet products. From the theme of the "Green Kitchen, Ecological Future" of the third cabinet festival to be held on the 9th of this month, we can know that the era of cabinet prices has passed. While pursuing craftsmanship and quality, cabinet enterprises will also pay attention to ecology The creation of environmentally friendly products.

It is said that "freezing three feet, not one day's cold", the transformation of the cabinet industry is by no means overnight, but from the changes in the property market, market demand and the information released by the industry event, it can be seen that the cabinet industry has gone On the road to change. Perhaps in the future, the individualization of cabinets, the integration of kitchen appliances and the intelligence of the kitchen will be realized one by one.

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