What are the bearing parts to be repaired after the fag bearing is disassembled?

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What are the bearing parts to be repaired after the fag bearing is disassembled?

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-07-25

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I always want to overhaul the fag bearings; but I don’t know what to do after the disassembly? Is there a unique need for attention? The answer is: after disassembling the fag bearing, there are things to do: clear the bearing; check the cage, the part of the bearing, etc.
We must first record the bearing grease and record the appearance; it is convenient for us to install the bearing without increasing the excess grease; another advantage is that it will not show how to install the device. It is unique and useful for novices to open fag bearings; expect newbies not to sneak)
After successfully disassembling the bearing; we need to remove the bearing; when removing the bearing, pay attention to remove the old grease and the dirt adhering to the bearing with a brush; then remove it; if it is not removed first, it will be removed unclean.
Then we have to look at the cage; check the cage to see if the degree of wear is serious? Severe words; we have to replace the bearings.
If you are not too new, can you try to see if there are cracks or gaps in the inner ring, outer ring, and roll of the lower bearing? Of course, if a crack or a gap is present, it is indicated that the bearing is to be replaced.
If you want to supervise the fag bearing, you should study it carefully; you should learn the basic maintenance work; you will find that the maintenance work is versatile; we will study together; continue to study and repair the service life of the extended fag bearing.

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