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China hundreds of millions of investors, A-share market has hundreds of stocks related to the domestic industry - Opie, Xilinmen, Dili European homes, nature, etc., from customized software, ceramics, sanitary ware to different floors and doors The total market value is close to trillions. So many stocks, I wonder if you have traded?


In addition to the majority of individual traders, there are also listed companies that "do not do business" stocks, directly losing 112 million, this enterprise is a furniture exporter Zhejiang Yongqiang. The 2018 Interim Report Zhejiang Yongqiang is expected to lose 43 million yuan on the grounds of rising raw materials, rising exchange rates, etc. As a result, the year-end performance bulletin announced that if it is not a stock loss, then Zhejiang Yongqiang will end in profit in 2018.

On March 26, 2019, the Shanghai Construction Expo will be held. There are a total of 7 exhibition halls in the Shanghai Construction Expo, of which Hall 3 and Hall 4.1 are custom-built halls, and many well-known brands such as Sofia , Shangpin Home Furnishing, AIA, Mercat etc. all attended. Sofia monk home delivery and so on are all A-share listed companies. In today's A-share market, the stocks of several major custom home furnishing companies have risen tremendously, Zhibang Home Furnishing has risen 10%, Oupai Home Furnishing has risen 6.2%, and Holocaust has gained 4.26% ...


I have previously written " Qumei Household's debt is 5 billion, where will it go in the future?" 》 After that, the author bought Qumei Home Furnishing. The current gains are gratifying. Since February, it has risen above 20%. The original intention of this move is to carry out the opinions in the article. If you only look at the earnings, buying Qumei is not the best option. During the rise of the stock market after this wave of Spring Festival, among the listed companies in the field of large home furnishing, the best rise was in the custom home furnishing companies.

February 11 is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday in 2019. From this day onwards, A shares have risen as fast as "premeditated".

Zhejiang Yongqiang's investment business suffered losses, just like Xilinmen cross-border film and television, ushered in the regrets of countless people. You are a good boxer, and you can win the championship if you do not necessarily play judo. You must be cautious. If you are a master in stocks, you have to mention the northward capital. Northbound funds refer to Hong Kong capital and international capital entering the A-share market. Hong Kong is a well-known financial capital and one of the world's five largest offshore financial markets. International capital can enter the A-share market through Hong Kong.

In fact, this year's A-share stocks rose sharply afterwards, and international capital contributed greatly. In the case where the A-shares were undervalued for too long, the rise in the stock market ignited. Since November last year, the capital of the north has been so fierce that the net purchase has exceeded 5 billion in 10 trading days.

It is worth mentioning that on February 25 and March 7, the net capital outflow from the north went to 63 million and 3.492 billion, respectively, and many stocks also showed a phased high on these two days. The data of Lugangtong has great reference significance for the rise and fall of the stock market.

For foreign capital, they are keen on large-cap stocks that are leading in the industry, such as Moutai, Midea, Conch Cement, etc., and custom home furnishing companies are in their arms. In the above list, there is a custom-made company that has successively obtained a continuous increase in the stock position of Lu Shares. The number of shares held by overseas funds in the company has accounted for 12.13% of its outstanding A shares, an increase of 3.16% compared with the end of 2018 Is its largest shareholder in circulation.

Which company is it? The answer is Sofia. So we see in the above table that Sofia had the highest increase, reaching 41%.

But why can Sofia be favored by foreign investors? Let's analyze it briefly. The company achieved total operating revenue of 7.311 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 18.66% over the same period of the previous year; total profit of 1.23 billion yuan, an increase of 4.19% over the same period of the previous year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased by 5.77% over the same period last year.

Another point is that Sofia's "big home" strategy is clear and effective. Its Simi cabinets have turned losses into profits, and its wooden doors will become a new growth point for the company's future revenue. If Sofia's cabinets can reach the scale of the wardrobe business, they may be able to compete with the Europeans in the future.

Excellent performance and cash flow, with high growth, these are the advantages of Sofia.

In terms of custom-made furniture, the three largest income groups are Shangpin Home Furnishing, Sofia and Oupai Home Furnishing, of which Oupai Home Furnishing is the leader, with revenue estimated to exceed 10 billion in 2018, Sofia ranked second, with revenue of 7.3 billion in 2018 , Shangpin home delivery is more than 5 billion scale. The fourth-place Zhibang household income is only 2 billion, so there is a three-legged situation in the custom furniture industry.

Throughout the furniture industry, the concentration and growth are expected to be further enhanced by the customized sector and the software sector, and their future market space is also very broad. After a long period of decline, Xilinmen and Mengli two stocks have also been quite gratifying. Overall, the author is also optimistic about the long-term development of these two sectors and thinks that the future is expected.

There will certainly be investment opportunities in the future stock market, but China ’s stock market is in a state of rising one year and falling three years, and investment should be more cautious. In addition, the net outflow of foreign capital today was 10.4 billion yuan, the second largest net outflow in the history of northbound capital. Prior to the stock market disaster on July 6, 2015, the net outflow of northbound capital in a single day was 13.4 billion yuan.

This situation is still worthy of vigilance.

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