The project has received 12 million yuan of investment from the central government with an annual output of 59,000 tons of recycled pellets!

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Hunan Changde Linfu County Anfu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has handled the 60,000 tons of waste plastics resource utilization project recently. It has recently passed the final review of the National Development and Reform Commission, and won the sixth batch of special investment of 12 million yuan in the central budget of ecological civilization construction in 2018. The highest investment in a single project in the same batch.

Hunan Anfu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi Economic Development Zone. It is a “New Third Board” listed and listed in the development, production, sales and service of waste plastic recycling and plastic woven bags. The company mainly It manages waste plastic granules, plastic woven fabrics and plastic injection molding products. At present, the processing capacity of waste plastics is 15,000 tons, and the production capacity of woven and packaged products and plastic modification and injection molding products is 30,000 tons. In the past three years, the annual sales income has reached 100 million yuan, and the warehousing tax has exceeded 10 million yuan.

Hunan Anfu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is currently working on the construction of waste plastics resource utilization project with a total investment of 135 million yuan. The construction content is to treat 60,000 tons of waste plastic resources and annually to produce 30,000 tons of plastic pellets and plastics. Product production line, after the project is completed, it can provide more than 200 jobs. It can digest 60,000 tons of waste plastics and produce 59,000 tons of recycled granules.

The color of the product is generally red outside yellow inside, the product surface for the micro-prism structure Reflective Film, the bottom is aluminum. Reflective principle is often micro-prism reflective, with its distant vision, high brightness, high angle, high brightness and thus to meet the needs of the rear panel, the rear board after weathering test.Even in extreme weather can also be normal use.

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