Closed! Dalan Motor 7 strokes teach you how to overhaul the three-phase asynchronous motor after entering the water

In the production site, due to factors such as motor storage and environment, the motor directly enters the water, which affects the normal use and operation safety of the three-phase asynchronous motor. Today, the editor of Dalan Motor teaches you how to deal with the motor after entering the water.

1. Adjust the multimeter to "on / off gear", measure whether the three phase wires of the motor communicate with the motor casing or have a resistance value display, indicating that water has entered the motor.

2. Disassemble the motor. The prerequisite step is to derust and lubricate the screws to be removed first, so as to help the removal, so as to prevent the rust and rust from being forcibly removed and easy to slip.

3. Remove the inner seals on both end covers of the motor. Because the motor will rust when it enters the water, the motor shaft and the motor bearing are rusty. Remove the seal and spray the rust remover to wait for the stator and rotor to separate better. Then clean the foreign objects inside the motor end cover screws.

4. Separate the stator and rotor. The stator and rotor have a certain "magnetic force" attraction, and there is a certain amount of "effort" for the separation of the stator by the sealant on the circumference of the end cover, ensuring that all the screws of the end cover of the circumference motor are completely removed, and the stator is hit with a uniform force. solution. When the stator is separated from the rotor, it is not allowed to "pull" the stator by hand. Once the magnetic force is "retracted", the hand will be injured.

5. Dry the winding. It can be baked with an incandescent lamp to evaporate the water, and can also be naturally dried in a ventilated place. But it is not allowed to bake on an open flame.

6. Polish and rust maintenance. Motors that enter the water will have some rust, you can use "gauze" to clean and remove rust, to ensure that the bearing is not damaged, remove the oil seal and apply grease. Install the oil seal on the end cap. If the oil seal is aged, please replace it.

7. Reinstall the body. In order to seal the motor end cover more tightly, please apply sealant to the circumference of the sealant with the sealant to allow the water to be “not allowed to enter” for trial operation. If there is no problem in the trial operation, it can be put into use.

----- Responsible Editor: Dalan Oil Pump Motor 02-Procurement Consultant

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