The world's 9th largest diamond cutter "Malta Cross" diamond reproduces the Netherlands

Just this year, a Dutch diamond company released a new technological achievement. The finished diamonds were not only dazzling, but also a clear three-dimensional "Maltese cross" pattern in the diamond countertop. The company named it Holy Mark Diamond. Coincidentally, just 100 years ago, in 1918, also in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the first diamond with the "Malta cross pattern" was born. This diamond drill named "Red Cross" The world's famous diamond is the ninth, and after a lapse of 100 years, this world famous diamond brother and sister was born again in the Netherlands. The difference is that this Maltese cross diamond is the most sought-after bright round cut, and its Maltese cross is more clear and beautiful, so it is called the Maltese cross diamond sister. According to industry insiders, the technical difficulty of cutting a "Malta Cross" by a round diamond is far greater than that of a square diamond. Moreover, it is so difficult to be so clear in design and craftsmanship. The company has applied for more than a dozen related design and technology patents worldwide. 微信截图_20180813172514.png The Maltese cross diamond brother, born 100 years ago, was ranked ninth in the world's top ten famous diamonds. He was sent to Amsterdam in the Netherlands for cutting in 1918. The magazine of Time magazine reported this diamond: "Big Fang, cut into many faces, and its elegant canary yellow, all of which are deeply sought after by the Indian princes. This diamond is vividly displayed. Under artificial light, it is more clear than white diamonds. After intense light, it can reflect the absorbed light again and become a luminaire in the dark. Another remarkable feature is that there is a clearly visible Maltese cross on its front side, and it is donated to the Red Cross. Two excellent reasons, named "Red Cross" is unique."

 It is SINOFUJI's concern that the Bushing Cover made by traditional manufacturing process, had been presented that the appearance is almost irregular, the       dimension consistency is poor, and the insulation performance is unsatisfied.  

 While SINOFUJI bushing cover with new molding process presents kinds of advantages:

  • Superior performance of aging and electrical insulation.
  • regular appearance and accurate consistency in dimensions.
  • Could be easily met with personalized design with high production efficiency.
  • High material utilization thus total cost is lower than that of traditional process.
  • In the cater for requirements of all kinds of special and complex shape  thus to expand application scope of this products.
  • It is environment friendly cause the cutted raw materials in the manufacturing process can be recycled for production use.

Bushing Cover

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