How to cultivate celery to improve planting efficiency? Cultivation techniques of celery!

Celery, generally cultivated in autumn, received in winter and spring, such cultivated celery is often low in efficiency, the main reason is that the market supply is sufficient at this time, it is difficult to obtain a higher unit price. In order to avoid this situation, we recommend using seasonal cultivation to achieve celery market in summer or autumn. At this time, the unit price of celery is higher, and it is easy to obtain better benefits.

1. Choose heat-resistant varieties, you can go to the local seed company to buy heat-resistant varieties suitable for local market consumption and suitable for local climate. This step is very important, both market and production should be considered, and local seed operators generally want you to recommend the right variety.

2. Soaking seeds and germination: This step is the key to the cultivation of anti-season celery. Because celery seeds are suitable for germination temperatures of 15-20 degrees. Therefore, effective means are needed to ensure the germination rate of the seeds. The method is as follows: the seeds are soaked in well water for 24 hours, cleaned, the ineffective seeds are removed, dried, and hanged with a rope to the well to germination about 30 cm from the water surface. Take it out every morning and rinse it out, dry it for two hours, then hang it back into the well to continue germination. After 7-10 days, about 80% of the seeds are white and can be sown.

3. Preparation of seedbed: The seedbed needs to be ploughed one week before sowing, and 15 kg of compound fertilizer, 1000 kg of organic fertilizer and 0.5 kg of boron fertilizer are applied. After ploughing, the surface should be flat and the soil should be finely divided. Spray the herbicide once every 7 days before sowing.

4. Sowing: When planting, mix well with fine sand and seeds, pour the water on the kneading surface, and then sow. After sowing, spread a layer of fine sand, about 0.5 cm thick, and then cover it with straw to keep warm.

5. Seedling management: Avoid watering before germination. If it is too dry, spray it with small water to avoid scouring the seeds. Remove the cover after emergence, pour small water in the morning and evening, keep the soil dry and wet. The temperature is higher than 25 degrees, and the shade net is covered. In the seedling stage, it is necessary to prevent heavy rain from scouring. The seedling period takes about 50 days, and the seedlings can be transplanted after about 12 cm. The seedlings were sterilized before transplanting. When watering, add urea for watering once as a martiliser.

6. Transplanting the field preparation: deep turn, apply the base fertilizer. Start sputum and spray herbicide.

7. Transplanting: transplanting on cloudy days, before the transplanting, the seedbed is watered, which is good for seedlings. The planting row spacing can be 15*12 cm. After planting, the planting water is poured, and the sunshade net is pulled up. Keep the shade net covered throughout the summer season.

8. Field management: (1) Well water, celery like wet, need to keep the soil moist. Watering and cooling in the hot season. After the hot rain, the well water is cooled. (2) Fertilizer: 20 kg of ammonium bicarbonate and 15 kg of potassium fertilizer per acre. Apply once every 20 days. Apply again 20 days before harvesting. 920 was sprayed once every 20 days before harvesting and sprayed a second time every 10 days.

9. Pest control: mainly to control spot blight and leaf spot, mancozeb, once every 87 days, used three times for prevention. Pests are noted to control aphids and whiteflies.

10 harvest: 60 days after the planting of the field, according to the market price trend, it can be harvested and listed.

The celery that is listed in the summer and autumn seasons generally has a better price. Friends can use the most suitable mouthwash to get better benefits according to the actual situation in the local area.

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