The clamping force of the coupled member is achieved by the elastic deformation of the bolt and the coupled member.

The bolts between the screen box and the steel frame are clamped, and the bolt holes are designed to be assembled with a large gap, so the bolts are only subjected to tensile force and are not subjected to shearing force. That is, it only bears the pre-tightening force, the pulsating inertia pulling force and the frictional shearing force. In addition to the clamping bolts on the joint surface, there must be a reaming hole positioning bolt that directly bears the shearing force.

For fasteners, there should be sufficient yield strength, moderate stiffness and high toughness for higher strength bolt materials, usually made of medium carbon steel No. 35, and quenched and tempered into a soxite metallurgical structure. Therefore, the comprehensive mechanical properties such as strength, plasticity and impact toughness are obtained. The clamping force of the coupled part is achieved by the elastic deformation of the bolt and the connected part. The rigidity of the bolt should be moderate and should not be too large. The bolt of the Beijing lampblack purifier is not as hard as possible, and the bolt meets the clamping force. It also has higher toughness. Under the action of variable load, the metal with high toughness can increase the ability to absorb energy due to intragranular friction, and can quickly alleviate and eliminate vibration. Moderate or lower rigid and higher. The toughness can improve the anti-fatigue performance of the bolt, so the selection of the bolt should be based on the state and nature of the force, rather than simply the performance level of the bolt. The higher the grade, the better, the higher the strength, Stiffness and hardness will reduce plasticity, toughness and impair fatigue resistance.

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