Standards for the use of different pesticide formulations

Farmers use pesticides daily, are various types of preparation after processing the preparation of pesticide through. The name of the dosage form is different and the use is different. The most widely used dosage forms in China's agriculture are more than ten kinds of dosage forms such as emulsifiable concentrate, suspending agent, wettable powder, powder, granule, water agent, poison bait, mother liquor and mother powder. Commonly used are mainly spray forms suitable for spraying, in which emulsifiable concentrates, wettable powders and suspending agents are the main components. Different dosage forms have different effects. Therefore, when using these pesticides, farmers should choose pesticide formulations according to the crops and the subjects and conditions of use.
In the process of using the agricultural drug type, many matters need to be paid attention to. The pesticide network Xiaobian focuses on four aspects.
1. Reducing the cost of pesticide use In the pesticide industry, there is a dosage form of the same active ingredient pesticide, which has different differences. Therefore, when selecting, it is necessary to reduce the cost of pesticide use.
2. Safe medication In the harsh weather conditions such as hot weather, it is necessary to take into account the safety of pesticides and avoid poisoning.
3. As an alternative to emulsifiable concentrates, suspending agents are more effective than emulsifiable concentrates, but significantly higher than wettable powders. Since the particles of the suspending agent are much finer than the wettable powder, the various adjuvants contained in the suspending agent facilitate the adhesion of the agent particles to the surface of the living body, thereby improving the efficacy.
4. The efficacy of the pesticide 's emulsifiable concentrate is significantly higher than that of the suspending agent and the wettable powder. The same pesticide active ingredient is preferably selected from the emulsifiable concentrate. The fungicide for foliar spray, generally in the form of oil as a medium, is not beneficial to the bactericidal effect, because the penetration of the bactericide into the cell wall and cell membrane of the pathogen is a fungicide molecule dissolved in the leaf water film, and does not need The assistance of oily organic solvents may even hinder the diffusion penetration and systemic action of the drug molecules. Therefore, it is preferred to choose a suspending agent or a wettable powder. Herbicide for foliar spray, because there is a wax layer on the surface of weed leaves, emulsifiable concentrate containing emulsion of machine solvent, concentrated emulsion, suspoemulsion, etc.; wettable powder and suspending agent with good wetting and osmosis The dosage forms can also be used; the herbicides applied to the paddy soil or soil in the paddy field are used more in the form of granules and other dosage forms capable of formulating toxic soil.
Pay attention to the standard instructions for the use of pesticide formulations and safely apply pesticides to ensure the safety of the donor. For more pesticide standard information, please pay attention to China Pesticide Network !

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