Talking about several tips for improving the rigidity of imported bearings

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Talking about several tips for improving the rigidity of imported bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-07-09

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We all know that the rigidity of the imported bearings is very important to the imported bearings themselves; that many users can't know how to improve the rigidity of the original imported bearings and even feel that the rigidity of the imported bearings is impossible to improve; this concept is faulty. Today we will talk about several ways to improve the rigidity of the bearing.
There are usually three ways to improve the rigidity of imported bearings; the first is to select high-rigidity imported bearings; for example, the high-rigidity bearings in SKF bearings, etc., which can be used for mutual use, should the bearing of the å•¥ attitude be attributed to high-rigidity bearings? Let's summarize a few points:
1 Roller bearings are stiffer than ball bearings,
2 large-size bearings; their rigidity is higher than that of small-sized bearings; even if the diameter is the same; and the larger-width bearing; its rigidity is higher than the width,
3 Rolling machine with multiple number of bearings and a large number of bearings; its rigidity is good,
4 Adjustable clearance bearing; good for supporting support rigidity
5 If necessary, use bearings without inner ring, without outer ring or without inner and outer rings; then reduce deformation and add roll number.
Therefore, we can follow these methods to select some bearings that are relatively high-rigidity. Secondly, we can use the imported bearing application technology to improve the support rigidity.
Ultimately, it is the most important to properly adjust the host layout parameters; to improve the support rigidity.
So how do we adjust the host layout parameters? Let's take a few points to clarify that we take NSK bearings as an example:
1. For the NSK bearing, the required shaft and the bearing device on the seat hole; the lower the surface roughness; the better the shape and bearing accuracy; the higher the support rigidity is.
For the above-mentioned external appearance, the surface is strengthened and treated; it is advantageous to improve the rigidity. The high-hardness plug with low roughness is used; the punch is repeatedly pressed in and out of the seat hole under a smooth condition with a certain interference; it is also beneficial to improve the support rigidity. If necessary, the collar can be similarly treated with a snap ring.
2, NSK imported bearing equipment NSK bearing equipment has a great impact on bearing rigidity; generally speaking; about the centripetal thrust type ball bearing and roller bearing; in the paired application should adopt the outer ring large end face relative (ie The pressure line formed by the pressure taper is outward; the ability of the bearing to resist the overturning moment is large; the pre-tightening amount adjusted during the temperature change is less changed.
3. The multi-Japan NSK bearing support method is selected under the condition of axial orientation; two or more bearings are used as radial support for each pivot point; the support rigidity can be improved. For example, it is in the spindle part of the machine tool; 3. The axial preloading device is selected; several sets of radial thrust bearings are used as the shaft support of the same fulcrum.
4, the use of bearing pre-tightening method to improve the support rigidity of the ball bearing or tapered roller bearing can adopt the axial pre-tightening method; and for the short cylindrical roller bearing, etc. can adopt the radial pre-tightening method; can significantly improve the rigidity of the shaft support; At this moment, the bearing clearance may be eliminated; perhaps a small negative clearance is obtained. However, the speed is not too high; the temperature rise is not large; the best should be adjusted to a small negative clearance condition.

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