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Floor decoration is a key project in home improvement. Wooden floors are favored by most people with their comfortable feet and natural breath, making them the first choice for floor decoration materials. However, wood flooring is also divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, composite flooring, bamboo flooring, and many other types. When it comes to buying, how to choose high-quality wood flooring is what consumers need to know. In this issue, Xiao Bian will introduce four types of wooden floor shopping skills to you.

1, solid wood floor to see cross-section

The solid wood floor is basically cut and processed from the whole log, the cross section will not appear delamination and chippings, the surface is also painted on the basis of the log, and the paint will not fall off; the texture is clear and solid wood Another feature of the floor. The texture of the whole log will be more prominent through the treatment of wood lacquer, the texture of the front and back should be the same, and the color difference of the floor of the same batch will not be far from each other.

2, strengthen the floor scrap more

Laminate flooring is made from wood chips, wood residue, and scraps. Only the surface of a layer of veneer. It is also made of hard plastic fiberboard, medium density fiberboard, particleboard-based impregnated low-lamin film veneer laminated composite, and then coated with wear-resistant materials.

In general, the laminate floor is an artificial floor. From the cross section, it can be seen that there are multiple layers and there is a strong glue smell.

3, layered parquet look

There are two kinds of solid wood flooring, three-layer composite flooring and multi-layer composite flooring.

The three-story solid wood composite floor has a three-layer structure. The surface is a high-quality hardwood specification plank mosaic panel or veneer, the middle is a soft miscellaneous wood strip, and the bottom layer is a rotary-cut single panel.

The multi-layer solid wood composite floor uses multi-layer plywood as the base material, and the surface layer is inlaid or sliced ​​with high-quality hardwood chips. Generally more urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive laminated. The price is higher because of the good stability of the floor, and it is mostly used for houses with floor heating. At the same time with the natural texture of solid wood flooring, is a good floor material.

4, bamboo flooring smell

Bamboo flooring should be called bamboo-wood laminate flooring, which is a composite product of bamboo and wood. Its panels and baseboards are made of good bamboo material, and the cores are mostly woods such as Chinese fir and eucalyptus. Both the fragrance and texture of bamboo, but also the toughness and solid wood, usually from the odor to determine whether the composition of bamboo.

Editor's comment: No matter which type of floor material you choose, the most important thing is to pass the quality. The high-quality wooden floor will not have a pungent odor, and the sides and back will be smooth and smooth without burrs.

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Carbon Steel Press fittings pipeline system is widely used in hot water supply, fire protection.

Compared with traditional pipeline system, it`s not only more economical, safer and healthier, 

but also easier and faster for installation with longer service life.

press fitting classify1


1. Carbon Steel Press Fittings range:

Coupling -- Equal coupling, Reducing coupling, Slip coupling, coupling with male/ female threads;

Elbow -- Equal elbow, Elbow 90°, Elbow 45°, Reducing elbow, Elbow with plain end, Elbow with wall plate, and Elbow with male/ female threads;

Tee -- Equal tee, Reducing tee, Tee with wall plate, and Tee with male/ female threads;

Others-- Pipe cap, Pipe Bridge and Flange connector.

2.  MaterialGalvanized carbon steel, 1.0034C-Stahl,Kohlenstoffstahl, ACCIAIO AL CARBONIO.

3.  Size: 3/8``-4``inch or as request,  pipe wall thickness: 1.0--2.0mm

Sizes range:

DVGW W534:1995: 15, 18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm.

JIS G 3448-1980: 15.88, 22.22, 28.58, 34.00, 42.7, 48.6, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm.

4.  Standard:

Press fitting standard:  (DIN) DVGW W534-1995;   (JIS) JWWA G116:2001; GB/T 19228.1-2003

Pipe standard: DIN10312:2003; GB/T 19228.2-2003

O-ring sealing standard: CEN EN 681-1:2006; GBT 19228.3-2003

5.  O-Ring Seal: "Chlorinated butyl rubber" (CIIR), EPDM, HNBR, NBR and FKM, etc.

 EPDM (black): max working pressure 16bar, working temperature from -20℃ to 120℃,  Suit medium: cold and hot water, compressed Air etc. 

6.  Galvanization: all carbon steel pipe fittings are plated with rust-resistant zinc.

7.  Anneal: all stainless steel pipe fittings are annealed in inert gases before packing.


Installation and Connection Order



Equipments And Quality Control

press fitting work shop1 

                                                                 Orderly Workshop                     

press fitting equipment

                                                         Efficient Anneal Equipment


press fitting pressure testing 

                                                               Pressure Testing                           

press fitting pressure testing1

                                                                    Tensile Testing

Carbon Steel M Profile Press Fittings(DVGW)

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